D&D 5E The Lost Adventures of Gary Con I and II by Tim Kask.


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Wizard Tower Games has Tim Kasks adventures from Gary Con I and Gary Con II for sale in a limited 300 copy hard bound edition that includes fold out maps and a Marvin the Mage cartoon from Gary Con 4 and a how Marvin the Mage is made by Jim Wampler. It’s fairly expensive with some proceeds going towards two causes.

We are with some of the proceeds of the sale of this game going to do two special things. A portion of the sales will go to the 9 11 Never Forget Fund, however also we are donating a portion to Rachel Steine, a brave woman who dedicated her life in New York City to helping those with substance abuse issues. Rachel recently was diagnosed with breast cancer, and we hope that we can help her with some of her medical expenses that she will incur that insurance will not.


Note it looks like there will be a paper back edition it won’t include the following.

  • Quality hard cover book, with full color heavy weight pages
  • All copies signed by Tim Kask
  • Certificate of authenticity
  • Several removable maps of the areas and worlds
  • 16 Unique monsters never before seen or published
  • Unique Pre-Generated player characters
  • The scanned original module as played by
    Tim Kask
  • Security Hologram showing your edition

I think. Please confirm with them before ordering g either. Note I don’t see a way to order the paperback.

Also the logo is for AD&D 1e and D&D 5e.

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