The Lost Boys vs The Sunless Citadel

Dr Simon

I once oversaw a colossal Necromunda game for my brother and 6 of his friends on his 13th birthday, so I understand the suffering. Of course, the point of that game was that they *were* trying to kill each other....

Still, this gives me an excuse to check out your Castle Whiterock SH now that this one has finished.

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Richard Rawen

First Post
Indeed, 'twas fun while it lasted' and all that, and of course I've got stories to tell as well. I think we all (gamer parents) do. g'luck with future games, hopefully they'll mature a bit and in a few years you'll have another chance (and the time will have dulled the frustration lol )
Thanks for sharing it with us!


Thanks. Much appreciated, no doubt I'll give them another go a little later on, if they're still up for it- the last turn took ages to write because I was having to try to unpick what actually happened in the game, there was a lot of stuff happening out of the game. Anyway, thanks for reading, and all the comments along the way.

Cheers Paul

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