Release The Midnight World, Horror TTRPG, now available on Drivethru!

The colossal horror of the Dread Beings has existed since the beginning, since the inconceivably hot flash that birthed the entire Multiverse. Most universes are protected by the Twilight Veil, a fine net of quantum particles that enforces the division between realities. But here, the Veil wears thin, and the things Beyond turn their titanic gaze upon us. This is The Midnight World.

A deer skeleton that has been reanimated with thick vines. Branches sprout from its massive antlers. A dull yellow ember burns in its empty eye socket

The Midnight World
is a new take on horror Roleplaying, one in which a character's mental health is as important to their survival as physical health. Developed by two combat veterans, The Midnight World seeks to approximate feelings of anxiety, depression, and PTSD in a way that is respectful to sufferers and safe for players to explore.

This 222 page Core Rulebook contains everything you need to create characters with detailed traumatic memories and portray them as they tiptoe ever closer to Midnight. It also contains comprehensive storytelling tools that allow a Director to easily create entire worlds, complete with quickly generated antagonists, monsters, and other horrors too terrible to name.


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