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What Horrors Lie In Wait is a love letter to the Horror genre, inspired by and incorporating many of the different sub-genres, themes, elements, and tropes of the countless forms of media that it comes in. With this system, you will find all of the resources you may need to tell a tale within the setting provided, recreate your favorite Horror movies, video games, comics books, or weave a truly terrifying tale of terror of your own!

This version of What Horrors Lie In Wait is Rules-Lite in nature, making it easy to pick up, learn, and play for those that are new to tabletop roleplaying games and veterans alike. Although the provided setting, lore, and organizations are rooted in a modern time period, the tools and mechanics are not necessarily bound to the setting of this system. The Fate Weaver can choose to tell a tale that takes place in the future, the past, or even on a completely different planet or plane of existence! Anything that your twisted little mind can come up with, this system has the tools to help make your nightmare a reality!

There are several mechanics to choose from, using as few or as many as desired for the tale that's about to unfold. Players may find themselves in a classic Slasher scenario, where they constantly question who the killer among them really is, which could be an NPC or one of the players themselves! For those that are strong of stomach and not weak of heart, a tale could see the players coping with drastic and horrific changes in themselves or those around them, experiencing Body Horror firsthand. Maybe the players will come face-to-face with a creature beyond comprehension, Cosmic Horror so unimaginable that it makes them question the fabric of reality and their place among the cosmos, mentally crushed by the realization of how insignificant and powerless they are by comparison.

If all of that sounds a little too heavy, What Horrors Lie In Wait can also be played more like a pulp Horror adventure, where elements of tension and terror might still come into play, but it all takes a backseat to the player's journey and their exploits. Something more along the lines of the Supernatural TV show, B.P.R.D. series of comics, or even the Army of Darkness film.

Combat is fast-paced, lethal. No more rolling to hit, only for damage! This is a Horror game, after all, so no life is guaranteed... Think fast! Use the environment! Do whatever it takes to survive or seal your target's fate! Besides the fast-paced and lethal combat, there is a heavy emphasis on exploration, investigation, and roleplaying, each rewarding players narratively as well as mechanically. Discover a weakness, open up new plot lines and places to explore, get invested in the world and the beings who inhabit it!

You can be more than just an average Human! Unless restricted by a tale or the Fate Weaver, you can be more than just a Human! With 12 playable entities to choose from, you can create a character that is a Daemonium, Werewolf, Android, Soulbound, and more! Each has their own interesting lore and special ability, that will come in handy against the 50+ hostile beings that players may have the misfortune of coming across.

Within this realm of gods and monsters, discovering the truth could cause the entire world to unravel, descending into chaos. To prevent this from happening, there are several organizations, some government sanctioned while others remain independent, that strive to maintain such secrecy and protect both human society and the old world in turn. Organizations like the Reality Stabilization Authority (RSA), Bureau of Paranormal Investigations (BPI), and Intergalactic Affairs Division (IAD), or older orders that hope to one day return the world to its previous state of coexistence, such as Pax Sempiternus.

Adding to the madness, the cosmic conflicts between the old gods of that past have created fractures in reality, allowing powerful new threats from worlds, even multiverses, beyond to slip into ours. These Aberrant beings bring a multitude of unique and challenging situations to the table, and are not ones to be taken lightly.

Play as your average everyday individual, simply trying to survive the killer or creature seeking to claim your life, be the one who is stalking their prey and waiting for the perfect moment to strike, or take on the monumental task of keeping the peace as an agent of one of the many clandestine organizations that exist within the world of What Horrors Lie In Wait! Whether you're running from a chainsaw wielding maniac, or facing the unfathomable might of an otherworldly deity from outside of time, the stakes are always high!

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