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DMs Guild The Onomancer Class

Micah Muldowney

First Post
Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the Onomancer class. Master the power of true names and bend the worlds to your will.


Deep into the fabric of the planes lie woven the words of creation that granted true names and being to all things in the moment their framing. Onomancers probe these ancient resonances and harness the power of true names to transform the world around them. True pillars of their communities, An Onomancer’s words of resonance can rally friends and dismay foes, orchestrate mystifying illusions, summon ancient powers, and even command or transform the stuff of the earth itself. Use this class and magic system to inject magic and mayhem into both role playing and battlefield strategy.

The Onomancer class includes six archetypes, each with its own unique style of play and naming system: The Incants of Aspect, Illusion, Lashing, Pnuema, Strata, and Transubstantia.

Check it out now on DMs Guild and let me know what you think!

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