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The Grinning Frog

Three years of publishing a monthly RPG magazine and we are still going strong - well, okay, we really suck at marketing but the people who stumble over us, support us and then read our issues seem to really like them! So, yes, we have been going for three years - and June sees our 37th regular issue - but numbered #36 because we started with issue #0, plus several special charity editions and... phew, it's been a ton of work. But also a blast and so...ta da...
Kickstarter Campaign Pages Issue 36,37_1.jpg
We celebrate all things fantasy in #36 and then have some fun with dragons in #37 which is our first issue dedicated to a single creature type.
Lots more details can be found here:

And yes, this post represents us remembering to market our own products... it's only been three years ahem

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