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The Poor Little Duckbunny Never Gets Any Love!

I ran across a dual list of the most powerful and the weakest D&D monsters throughout the various editions, and - not to spoil anything, but it's not really that big of a surprise - the poor little duckbunny's being singled out again for his lack of combat prowess.

Here's the link:

Duckbunnies frequently show up of lists of "Stupidest D&D Monsters" and such. It's a shame. I had a duckbunny named Quiffington in a previous campaign who had the blended personalities and partial memories of four different wizards (it was due to a magical accident involving five rods of wonder and a chaos magic ritual).


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Duckbunnies never get any love?

That's completely contradicted by their Monstrous Compendium page from Dragon #243, which says they're "almost irresistibly cute" and "make wonderful pets". Their Habitat/Society also indicates they're adept at the rabbit approach to love, as they "breed in great numbers".

That web page is clearly ignorant of the finer feelings of D&D. Plus it seems to think that roughly ranking monsters by lethality started with 3E's Challenge Rating, which leads me to doubt the depth of the author(s) knowledge of D&D.

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