The Proper Use of Nudity in FRPG Art

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CanadienneBacon said:
There's some other kind of RPG other than fantasy?! :confused:

Sure. Some d20 Modern games don't have any magic, Twilight2000 (is that what it's called?) doesn't, and games like Star Wars and Gamma World are closer to sci-fi than fantasy.


CanadienneBacon said:
In my lil' ole lumpy head, it's all fantasy--regardless of genre. Thanks for the elaboration, though! Now I'm not sitting here wondering what FRPG means. :)

Interestingly enough, a lot of people outside the hobby refer to all RPGs as FRPGs. I've seen quasi-hip news articles that do that for everything from Star Trek games to White Wolf's stuff. These are the kinds of articles where the author tried to get the info right, but didn't quite get it completely.

Mighty Veil

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Nudity yes if female. Draw her hot. Elf girls should look like a supermodel. Stay away from silly "punk" or "goth" appearance to their look (that's so 90s and ugly. It would be like drawing fantasy adventurers as hippies. No one wants to play a silly hippy). If William Shatner can be Shaman than surely D&D can bring back the chainmail bikini.


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Haffrung Helleyes said:
Well, adventuring keeps you in good shape! So those lithe bodies aren't unrealistic at all.


Take a look at a naked offensive lineman after a football game sometime. Still think a barbarian's automatically going to look great?


Geoffrey said:
Look at the illustrations in the 1st edition AD&D Monster Manual, Players Handbook, and Dungeon Masters Guide. They don't shy away from featuring nudity IN MONSTERS. Succubi don't wear clothes! Harpies don't wear bras! Etc. It would be a shame to illustrate them wearing clothes. You might as well draw a picture of a red dragon wearing a sweater.

And then came the Nipple Ban, and it was all no more.

Also, you forgot to mention Eldritch Wizardry.

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