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5E The Secret Under the Stairs (IC)

Miriam Carroll pulled her ten year old minivan up to the sidewalk in front of the Carroll Family's new home. Two stories, a wraparound front porch, a fairly decent fenced lawn in the back. Attic, basement, four bedrooms, three baths, a very nice kitchen...almost everything a family could want. There was the pesky little rumor about the previous owners, but the real estate agent had assured Miriam and Simon that the rumors were mostly false, conjured up by neighborhood kids on Halloween.

In the front passenger seat was her oldest son, Terry. He should be on a football field a few states away at the moment, but he wasn't. His team...what used to be his team, had qualified for the playoffs just after he'd left. Instead, he was here, helping his family move in to a new house.

In the back were Bella, Miriam's daughter, and Brad, her boyfriend. Brad had been guilted by Bella and her mother to come along and help move the family in to the new house.

Simon, Miriam's husband, had taken the family's other car, a four-door sedan, out to a fast food joint to get lunch for everyone.

Behind the mini-van was a small trailer with the family's absolute necessities - a few changes of clothes, a laptop, toiletries, air mattresses, and a few boxes of other stuff. Everything else was scheduled to arrive via a moving company tomorrow.

Olivia, the real estate agent was waiting at the front door, a set of keys dangling from one hand and a clipboard with the last bit of paperwork to sign under her arm, a big smile plastered across her round face. Olivia's car, a red mustang, was parked across the street.

OOC: Everyone please provide a description of what your character looks like, including what they are currently wearing, and anything they have on their person at the moment (including smart phones and other gadgets). The family has been on the road for about 5 hours and left at 6 am that morning.

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First Post
Brad is tall and athletic. His long legs were cramped from being in the back seat for the long drive. He glanced over at Bella and gave her a smile and a wink with his brilliant blue eyes. Brad's blond hair was cut short for football season. Brad was wearing faded jeans, running shoes and his Chesterfield Charger's jersey, blue and white with lightening bolts on the sleeves. Brad checked his galaxy phone for text messages before sending Bella a short love note with lots of hearts. He put his phone back, which along with his keys, wallet and trusty Scout knife filled his pockets. His backpack was under his feet, with his laptop, football play book, chemistry book (Bella was tutoring him), a Boy Scout manual (as an Eagle Scout he was advising other member of his troop), a Chesterfield Charger's windbreaker, four bottles of water, 2 apples and 8 energy bars. There were also the remains of a protein drink, 2 yogurts, 3 egg sandwiches, and a bag of grapes. Brad had been hungry on the long ride.



Miriam stretches her back out as she gets out of the car. Greeting Olivia with a warm smile she walks over and gives her a hug. "Lovely to see you again Olivia, hope you haven't been waiting too long for us?

Next to Olivia's more professional appearance Miriam is conscious of her "comfortable" attire. Old faded jeans that fit just right for a long drive, trainers and cardigan. Not exactly putting my best foot forward, she thinks to herself. Even her long blonde hair is tied back in a pony-tail with just enough make-up to make her look fresh.

"Terry, Brad," she calls out. "Could you two please unload the car?"

[sblock=OOC] Miriams gear: handbag, cosmetics, mirror, brush, iphone, ipod, carkeys, pens x2, notepad, gum, apple, cherry ripe, LED light keyring, nail file, sunglasses, waterbottle, purse with coins and notes, magazine, tissues, wedding ring, engagement ring, eternity ring, necklace with heart pendant , bracelets -gold with saphire chips, ear rings - saphire[/sblock]


Throughout the drive, Terry looked out the window while shifting his dark hair restlessly, thinking solely about the CFP: he could have been there with the Chariots, perhaps saving the playoffs for his team, at this rate. He holds his new out-of-date phone with earpieces attached, it's newest innovations include an AM/FM radio, a 2.0 megapixel two-sided camera, and a built-in MP3/4 music player. Suddenly, he hears on his radio of how the chariots defense intercepted the ball, making a table-turning play with a touchdown imminent.
And it's eating him up inside...
Terry hears mom calling him, maybe twice now. He gets out of the car with jeans and a white tank top with a dark red design, and a small locket on his neck he found in his room as he packed all his things. in his pockets he carries his 5 forget-me-nots – Gel, Sewing kit, wallet, phone and swiss army knife, his attire aside he is ready for many a-situation.
He heads out out to the trunk at the cost of missing his team score the touchdown. Opening the back Terry turns to Brad, his blue eyes which mother gave him show concern.
"The Chariots game is on." he smiles and tells him as they unload the Carroll family mini-van.
[sblock=OOC]yay the new game!!!!:D
I noticed it all day, couldn't post because of work, but I tried to look up a name for a fictional football team, since I don't remember if we said where the Carroll's lived beforehand.

EDIT: (2/4/15) forgot to mention, Terry has a packet of some to-be-named salty snack food in one of his pockets, too.[/sblock]
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Queen of Everything
The tall, blond haired girl climbs out of the back of the car and squints, pulling her sunglasses down over the blue eyes she shares with her mother and brother. Upon hitting the street she stretches her long arms and legs, her short barely-covering-her-belly tank top rising as she does. "Mom, is it me or did it take SOOOOO long to get here?" Bella calls out but her mother is already off speaking to the grinning lady who was waiting for them. She slips her pink Chuck Taylor's back on her feet and adjusts her short jeans shorts so they are straight.

Her brother and boyfriend are already at the back of the car, beginning to unload, which looks unappealing to her. They could handle it for now. She reaches over the back seat and grabs her large colorful backpack, slinging it over her shoulder, and joins her mother.

[SBLOCK=Bella]kate Upton1.jpg[/SBLOCK]

[SBLOCK=Bella's Stuff] Purse contents, be warned, like me, Bella carries a lot of stuff!!

Arabella Carroll was the Captain of the Cheerleading squad at her old school, and they had been state champs two years in a row. There were many, many perks of being Captain and also some actual responsibilities. One of those responsibilities was being prepared for anything, something Boy Scout Brad has also been working on with her.

Currently on her person, assuming the long car ride, was her pink, iPhone with jeweled cover, her iPad covered in a picture of her and Brad kissing in their respective cheer outfits, pink headphones, her sun glasses (case in backpack) and the ever present lip gloss.

In her pink backpack, which she usually has with her:

Wallet with her NEW driver's license, money, credit card from her dad for emergencies
Breath Mints and Gum
Makeup case including: compact (mirror) powder, eye shadow, liner, mascara, blush, lip liner and lip stick/gloss in multiple colors, roll on perfume, blotting wipes
Vaseline (small, for lips)
Nail Polish, multi colors
Mani / Personal Kit (metal nail file, tweezers, scissors, nippers, clippers)
Meds - Tylenol, Motrin, Midol
Band-Aids and Neosporin Spray
Hand Sanitizer
Hair Brush / Scrunchies / Bobby Pins
Lighter (for...? ;) )
Small Sewing Kit with Safety Pins and Double Stick Tape
Water Bottle (large)
Snacks - Granola Bars (3), Reese's Pieces (1)
Underwear (2) - Ya never know ;)
Jewelry - multiple Alex and Ani bracelets, high school ring, pink sapphire and diamond heart necklace from Brad
Multiple scraps of paper of "old fashioned" notes from friends and Brad

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The New Home

Olivia trotted up and gave Miriam a hug, then handed over the keys, "Congratulations! I was wondering if I could get a picture of you and the family entering your new home?"

She pulls out her smart phone and holds it up, getting ready to take a picture.

Lotsa Burgers

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, Simon had managed to get his brother-in-law, Mark, to meet him at the fast food joint after Mark had gotten a bit lost trying to finding the new house. The two were now third in line, waiting for the exasperated single employee working the register to get through the considerable line. The young woman was doing the best she could, but the current fellow ordering was giving her a hard time.

"Well, maybe if you got someone else out here to take orders, you wouldn't have such a big line."

"I'm sorry, sir, I'm doing the best I can."

"If this is your best, you're going to be flipping burgers the rest of your life."

The guy behind him and in front of Mark and Simon grabs the first man's shoulder, "Hey, back off. That's uncalled for."

The first man turns, anger making his face turn red, "You just mind your own business and keep your hands to yourself." He then proceeds with a string of vulgar insults directed at the second man in line and the poor employee.



Miriam takes the key and gathers the children around, posing for the photo with keys jangling over her head. Once the photo has been taken she chats with Olivia for a few moments before she gets to unpacking the car.

"Well, I suppose we should get to it," she smiles. "The others will be here with lunch soon and it would be nice to have the place ready enough that we can enjoy our first meal togther."


Queen of Everything
"What about Daddy?" Bella asks but it's too late, the picture commences. Bella immediately juts out a hip and smiles, like her generation they are used to constant barrage of social media.

Which reminds her to pull out her glittery phone and update. She "checks in" at "Castle Bella" with a laugh. "So we FINALLY made it. Mom drives soooo slow I thought I was gonna die in the back of that heap o junk. Luckily I had the hottest guy to keep me occupied ;) Of course now there is actually work 2 b done. I'm gonna hide lol" She sticks her phone back in her pocket.

She spots her brother carrying her suitcase. "Terry make sure you don't drop that, I'll be really pissed if you do!"


Mark is a mid 30's image of what a former athlete might look like if they had never been any good after high school. Average height, brownish-blonde hair, slightly balding and slightly overweight. He looks at Mark as if to say what's this guy's issue?
"Hey, guy" Mark says to the guy cursing. "I don't know what happened today to piss you off, but it's not this girls fault. Tell you what, you order what you want and I'll pay for it. But only if you apologize to her. That way, you'll have a better day and not look like such a dick. What do you say?"

OOC: Persuasion _: 1D20+3 = [9]+3 = 12


Terry smiles for the camera, holding Arabella's stuffed suitcase high
in one hand, as if her bag was light as a feather to him.

"Don't worry, Bell - I got every ton
of your clo— Woah!"

Once the shot was captured, he teased Bella twice with the thought of dropping her stuff. The second time, however, was unintentional, but he won't let his sister believe that.
"See? I got this!" he teasingly reassured her.



Shaking her head at her children's antics Miriam wanders over to the front door and opens it.
"I'm going to check all the lights an plumbing work!" she calls over her shoulder.

Sweeping from room to room she tests the lights and taps, all the time smiling and humming contentedly to herself. Getting out her phone she calls her husband, the phone goes straight to message bank. "Oh, it is absolutely beautiful! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Love you and can't wait till you get home." she laughs. "Home, sounds so nice to say that. Hurry home and bring a bottle of champagne."


Queen of Everything
"Terry!!" Bella shrieks, "Don't you dare!!" But ends that with laughter. "Don't forget I called the room with the big round window seat!" She reluctantly went back to the car and grabbed some of her bags before heading into the house and up the stairs to find her new room. "Come on Brad, hurry up slow poke!"


First Post
Brad laughs at Bella and Terry's sibling rivalry before heading to the back of the car and grabbing three boxes, stacking them up and bring them to the porch. He then keeps unloading the car to the porch as the family explores their new home.


"Yeah, yeah, I know." Terry said. He was also excited to
Get to his own room.
He brought Bella's things, but soon came out again to bring more boxes. But not without sneaking a peek at his new room, and thinking about meeting new, better friends...
And that yes — he can knit in privacy. All he needs is the door key.

Twiggly the Gnome

Simon is a man in his early forties with a slim build, dark hair and strikingly blue eyes.

Simon looks up from his meal order list to see his brother in law Mark confronting the disgruntled customer. Although he agrees with Mark's sentiment, it certainly isn't the way Simon would have addressed the issue. Although tempted to let Mark deal with the consequences of his actions alone, Simon takes a deep breath and moves toward the counter. Simon says, "Sir, I think you should accept this man's generous offer, and let us all get on with what we need to do."

Lotsa Burgers

The girl working the counter has called for a manager, though she is on the verge of angry tears. The belligerent fellow screams at Simon, Mark, and the guy who spoke up first, "Back off! Mind your own *&^%ing business! I'm calling the *&^^int police on you! SHUT UP!" He starts fumbling with his phone and drops it, cracking the screen. He screams in inarticulate rage and swings wildly at the man who put his hand his shoulder.

Mark and Simon see the belligerent man's face distort, like he was a reflection in a funhouse mirror. Suddenly his eyes are a dull red, and he has yellow tusks jutting from his lower jaw. His nose is flatter and the nostrils flare wide.

His fist connects with the first man, sending him sprawling to the floor. No one else seems to see the change the belligerent fellow has undergone.

The Carroll Family Home

Olivia nods in reply to Miriam, "Ok, hun. If you need anything, you let me know." She heads out to her car and is soon driving away.

As Miriam checks all the lights and taps and such, she notices that the closet light in the "Harry Potter closet" (as Olivia jokingly called it) wasn't working. A peek inside reveals that the light bulb appears to be simply burned out. Miriam notices something, however. A notebook, a cheap little diary type notebook that you could find in the school supply section of a grocery store, wedged into the boards under one of the stairs.

The room with big round window seat still had faint outlines of cats on the walls from the previous owners. The walls had been painted over, of course, but the cats were persistent. Olivia had mentioned that this was the little girl's room...the one the neighbors had said disappeared. When Bella opens the closet, a box falls out from an upper shelf, leaving a cloud of dust in the air. Spilling out of the box are toys - Barbies, My Little Ponies, and other girls' toys, all covered in about 15 years worth of dust. Underneath them all is a birthday card, lying open, with the following written inside.

My wonderful Miriam, have a wonderful 10th birthday, love always, Grammy & Grampy Wallace

Brad notices a pair of neighbor kids watching him unpack the car, about 12 years old or so. One of them, holding a basketball, says, "Hey, you know that place is haunted right?"

Terry's room smells faintly of some sort of ointment. Olivia had noted that the previous owner's elderly grandmother lived in this room. The room has its own separate, full bathroom, with metal bars on the walls near the toilet and in the shower, obviously designed to help a disabled person move themselves around. As Terry is looking around, he hears a voice, a whisper, seemingly coming from the bathroom, "Miri! Miri, dear, help nana out of the tub."



Miriam flips the switch in the closet light a few times and unscrews the blown light. Noticing the diary she picks it up, blowing the dust off. She examines the board it was under to make sure there is nothing amiss.

Looking at the age of the book she guesses it doesn't belong to Olivia and opens it; quickly flicking through to see if she can determine who it belonged to.

She smiles as she hears the kids making themselves at home and goes to the kitchen to unpack a few items leaving the diary on the kitchen bench.


Queen of Everything
Bella waves a hand in front of her face, clearing the dust with a couple of coughs. "Awww, how cute," she says while picking up the toys. She picks up the card and reads it, her eyebrows furrowing. "Hmmm, says Miriam, same name as Mom. Weird." She shrugs her shoulders, stuffs the card back into the box of toys and continues to search and clean out the closet.



crap, no. I don;t need this on top of everything else. 'You had your chance, bud.' With that, Mark will attempt to tackle the man at the knees and then forcefully hold him down.

Twiggly the Gnome

Simon sees the ongoing melee and quickly runs out to the parking lot, to his car. He fumbles around his medical bag, frantically searching for his tranquilizer dart gun.

Mythological Figures & Maleficent Monsters