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The Shining Citadel


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The fortress at the heart of the plane of shadow that sucks life, light and color from the rest of existence. Does anyone know if there have been any adventures written about the Shining Citadel? Or anything in 3.0/3.5 besides that in Manual of the Planes? Has anyone else ever run a home adventure about it? What did you do and how did you go? My player group is in search of it so any help would be appreciated.

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Let me echo this (seven years old) request?

Has anyone any ideas for the Shining Citadel of the Plane of Shadows (and/or the Blinding Tower of the Planar Handbook)?


First Post
Hello from 9 years later.

I'm currently running 5e Princes of the Apocalypse. One of my players is a Warlock who doesn't know his patron. Once they've recovered the 4 elemental weapons and returned them to the Fane of the Eye, the Warlock's Patron will attempt to use him to escape his prison.
The Patron is Nerull, and his Prison is the Shining Citadel.