The Storyteller's Vault Roundup

Welcome to this month’s Storyteller’s Vault Roundup! As with the last couple updates, we bring you more exciting news as the Vault continues to expand to encompass other Vampire-related game lines.

This month, Kindred of the East gets the nod, along with "new color Ebony Kingdom sourcebook and Dharma templates to go with the V20 line of products. These are in addition to the standard black and white templates made for use with the original Kindred of the East game line." At the time of writing, there is no set date for release of these materials, but they should be out by the end of the month.

As promised last month, we’ll be spotlighting a couple products that have come out for the Victorian Age Vampire line.

First up, we have A Musical Interlude, a 19-page document written by Joshua Heath, J.C. Stearns, and Lisa J. Ellwood. Intended as a Chronicle Jumpstart, this document presents Boston in 1880 as a hook-laden setting, complete with a half-dozen detailed NPCs, a mysterious organization, an instigating incident, and competing factions.

"May the arts sustain our humanity, may it lift our spirits, and may it allow us to hold one another in esteem, even if such esteem is limited to a single evening. In this spirit, all Kindred are welcome, autarkis, Sabbat, or our esteemed and vaunted Camarilla. For one night, Boston is open to all who share the Blood." With that simple prompt (an invitation from the Prince) and a memorable location (the Bijou Theatre), the chronicle is set in motion.

Clanbook: Blood Brothers by Matthew Dawkins presents a Victorian take on one of the more bizarre bloodlines from Vampire lore. The arresting cover image makes excellent use of Christopher Shy’s artwork, and, as with A Musical Interlude, Victorian Age stock art and templates are effectively arranged within.

The 17-page manuscript lays out the background of this pack-oriented Sabbat bloodline, and defines their role in the Victorian era. The Blood Brothers, with their echoes of secret societies, body snatchers, and Frankenstein-esque gothic horror, make a great fit for the era—even more so when it is noted that they are most common among the emergent urban gangs (such as those in New York’s Five Points neighborhood) and law enforcement (it is rumored that an entire night shift of Hammersmith bobbies has been taken over by Blood Brothers!).

The document concludes with four story hooks demonstrating a wide range of uses for the Freaks, as well as a brief overview of their discipline of Sanguinis and a four-page character sheet.

Leaving the Victorian Age behind, we come to our final spotlight of the month: Madison by Night. Written by Bill Bodden for "4th Edition Vampire" (also known as 20th Anniversary Edition), this 16-page document succinctly and effectively describes the Anarch stronghold of Madison, Wisconsin.

After a brief history and overview of the city, ten important locations are covered in greater detail. We're then presented with the "principal players" of Madison: the first three, the most likely to be encountered by Kindred new to the area, are given full stat blocks, while the remaining nine receive more abbreviated statistics. A wide variety of clans are represented, including some Camarilla stalwarts muddling through in an Anarch-dominated community. The manuscript finishes off with a half-dozen story seeds.

Onyx Path’s Meredith Gerber is credited with providing help and guidance with the layout of Madison by Night, and it shows: this is one of the most clean and attractive PDFs on Storyteller’s Vault.

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contributed by David Larkins

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