Release The Straight Way Lost: KS fulfilment news, PDF and POD on Drivethru, more in the Vortex shop!

Elder Evil

The Straight Way Lost is a lavishly illustrated 400-page adventure, sourcebook and setting guide for Fifth Edition roleplaying in a fantastical Renaissance Italy inspired by that most renowned of Italian poems, Dante Alighieri’s Divina Commedia.

Pretty much all our backers (save those few who still haven’t done their Backerkit survey) are by now holding the physical books in their hands. Once the good folks at Roll20 have done their magic, the VTT pack can be sent out and fulfillment of our Kickstarter will be complete.

For those who missed the Kickstarter, The Straight Way Lost is available on Drivethrurpg both in pdf and POD versions:

For those who want the 400-page goodness of the very nice offset-printed hardcover, and also for the soundtrack, battlemaps and 3D miniature files (and also the pdf of course), let us direct you to our store:

To all those who supported our Kickstarter we say thank you again, and please do let us (and others) know how you like the book!
And here are two unboxings for your viewing pleasure, the first one in Italian by Coboldo Channel, the second one in English by Matthew Constantine:


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