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D&D 5E The Sunbane (from the Wounded Land - Second trilogy of Thomas Covenant)

Casimir Liber

Always thought this was a cool idea - I loved how Stephen Donaldson had lots of interesting ideas in his books for critters/magic/names etc. Could go well as a Domain of Dread in Ravenloft setting......

Annoyingly can't find a decent comprehensive write-up online though...

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CR 1/8
I don't know what any word in the title of this topic means.
"Sunbane" refers to an effect in The Wounded Land, first book in the second trilogy of the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant series.

In this book, the sun would rise every few days with a different aura, which corrupted the Land according to the color of that aura. For example, when a brown sun rose, anything alive on the ground when touched by the dawn light would immediately wither and die, leaving a parched and desolate landscape in its wake. The Land would remain in that state until a different colored sun rose.
There were several colors, including brown for desert; blue for rain; green for fertility; and red for pestilence.

ETA: Link to a rpg.net post giving a super-quick, high-level summary of the first trilogy.
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