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The Tournament of Flowers, Part II [Orsal Judging][Concluded]


Adventure - The Tournament of Flowers, Part II [Orsal Jusging]
Continued from Tournament of Flowers by Roger, who seems to have gone missing.

A quick inititial request re: Dice Rolling:

Please, please, please use Invisible Castle! The link is in my signature. For example, if you make an attack roll your post might read as follows "Mr. Incredible punches Syndrome. d20+5=12 . If this hits, damage is 3d6+15=26." I can update battles *much* faster if you help me out this way with the dice rolling.

Manzanita: Rowan continues speaking to the monk. Probably his companions have joined him.

"My theory is that one of these monks- guys, were they guys? Anyway, one is a werewolf, I reckon. It get's hungry and carries off the other for a snack mid race. Was running out of sheep around here, perhaps."

"Can you tell us more about these two? Were they locals? Have they been acting suspiciously? Were they friend? Do they have any stuff we can look at?"

OOC: I'm wavering about whether to take a ranger, fighter, or barbarian level for Rowan!

Patlin: The monk thinks about this.

"I understood werewolves to be ruled by the moon. I believe last night was the first night of the new moon... would such a creature be a threat at this time in the cycle?"

ooc: I think it would make sense to stay with Barbarian if you want to get the high level Barbarian abilities, some of which are quite nice. If you aren't planning to go that far in Barbarian, the fighter feats can give you a nice shot of combat ability. Ranger would mostly be a good choice if you were interested in skill points, wouldn't really add much to the combat effectiveness of your character. Any long term goals you're considering? A prestige class you want to qualify for or something?

El Jefe:Boog was irritated by this latest turn of events. First he'd gotten pummeled by that monk, then he won that race fair and square...only to be told that his victory didn't count because some bystanders turned up missing! At least they didn't claim that he cheated when he and Juliana figured out a way to bypass half the course...

But maybe it was the exhilaration of the race, the way it made him think of a way to outsmart the two hapless monks that he and Juliana had defeated, that had jogged his brain. Or maybe it was something he'd read in the library of the monastery earlier in the day...something about a being of pure thought? Whatever it was, he felt ready for what came next. Somehow, the events of the day had jogged his being onto a higher plane of existance. The thoughts...they had always been closed to him, unless he got permission to enter. Now they were there, tantalizingly, just below the surface, waiting to be grabbed. He only needed some Power, and the goal he'd long dreamed of would be unlocked to him...he could steal their thoughts whether they wanted him to or not. So, despite being put off by the disruption of the tournament, he felt this new task was something he could tackle.

Xu Phnug...the name sounded familiar. "Juliana", he called, "wasn't that little bug-man-thing called Xu Phnug? The one that was upset about you being in the tournament or something? What was that all about, anyway?"
Approved for 3rd level! Yippee!

Bront: Juliana nods, "Yes, that was him. Spiteful thing, I was looking forward to seeing him in the Arena. Perhaps he's hiding there, hoping I'll look for him. Was it his team? Or were the two seperate competetors?"
OOC for all
Julina likely has replaced her armor once the race was done.

As for Rowan, my oppinion is this. If he was still going to remain a savage warrior, Barbarian is the class to do that. You can still be a fairly good outdoorsman. If you wish to refine your warrior skills, Fighter can help, but you'll drop off in skill points. If you wish to be the consumate outdoorsy warrior, then Ranger will help (Particularly with tracking and favored enemy). If you see yourself as a mix, then you may end up taking a few levels of all three eventualy.

Based on the RP and events here, I'd think you're more likely to go Ranger or Fighter, as it seems that perhaps your barbarian heritage is more a past for the character than the presant.

Initialy, Kitrina was going to be a fighter/Psi-war mix, but is likely to stay Psi-war now till she gets into Warmind. I would have prefered to get in via all fighter, but that's not possable in LEW at a reasonable level. I am looking forward to 3rd level though.

Patlin: "The two competitors who disapeared were running together as a team. If you wish to help, I can take you to the spot from which they appear to have been taken."

El Jefe: Boog shrugged, "Let's go." The tournament was probably a bust, and if there was any chance it was going to go on, the two had to be found. Or maybe there was a werewolf out there. If so, he hoped he had a chance to regain some Power...Boog had some intriguing ideas as to what he could do with it, provided this werewolf had a mind that he could infiltrate.

Kahuna Burger: Somewhat relieved to be faced with a matter of significance rather than constant 'challanges', Kirin bows politely to the Monk. "I would be glad to add what small skills I have to this investigation. Forgive me for the suggestion, but have the missing monks' competitors been interviewed?"

ooc: having trouble leveling kirin up due to feat choices, but will do her soon.

Bront: Juliana nods, "Yes, I would like to see where they disapeared from."

OOC: Is it the next day? The same day? Worried about PPs and such (I'm low if not out)

El Jefe: OoC: Boog is definitely completely out if it's the same day, having blown all of his PP in that fight with the monk. I'm guessing we will get some clues today, spend the night, level up, then go get 'em.

Manzanita: Rowan follows, very interested in this little mystery. He asks Juliana. "So, Red. Do you know these guys who disapeared?"

OOC: Rowan leveled up as barbarian. Thanks for your input everyone!

Bront: "I know little other than having seen him once, and he was apparently a student under Master Katrina," Juliana says, with a bit of venom in her voice at the last part.

Patlin: It is late, but on the same day. You should probably get a look at the scene while it is fresh, but you'll need to rest immediately after.

Bront: OOC: Cool, let's be off to investigate then

Patlin: Following the monk, you soon arrive at a subterranean portion of the race track that the monks determined was the area in which the problem occurred. It's easy to see why -- a large 20' long tunnel has been dug out between the course and the outside walls. It looks to have been dug by something large with claws, although the tracks from such a creature do not appear over the rest of the scene.

Of the footprints you can make out, there appear to be at least one pair that was wearing heavy boots, which are especially clear in the newly upturned earth of the tunnel. Most of the footprints are harder to make out as they are significantly fainter.

Each character who wishes to may search the area. DM eyes only:Additional information is available if at least one character's result is higher than 16, 18, 19, 23, and 27.

Bront: Juliana does a quick scan (1d20+2=15) of the area before she begins a more through search (1d20+2=9) of the tunnel itself, hoping to gain an idea how large the tunnel is, and if it was dug from the inside or the outside.

Juliana ponders if there was a way to do this with psionics (1d20+7=18).

OOC: Spot, Search, and KN: Psionics checks, in order.

Manzanita: "Were the monks wearing boots?" After the others check the prints, Rowan walks out of the tunnel and looks around outside.

El Jefe: Boog followed the monk to the scene of the abduction. As they walked, he asked, "Apart from Juliana here, did either Xu Phnug or Ton Mei have any known enemies, especially someone who would do something like this? And have any threats been made against the tournament or the monastery in recent months?"
Boog will Sense Motive on the monk, possibly finding out something with a 14.
Once the little band had arrived at the scene, Boog took the time to carefully examine the area where they were abducted, the entire tunnel, and a little of the area outside the walls where the tunnel led, looking for any clue as to who might have done this, how they did it, or where they went. While he did so, he racked his brains trying to determine if Power could have been used to do this.
Search +2, taking 20. Also Kn {Psionics), which might turn up something with a 21. Oh, and while he's at it, Psicraft as well, which probably doesn't turn up much with a 15.

Patlin: Julianna quickly surveys the scene but finds no particular clues. She does establish that the tunnel is roughly 5' in diameter and appears to have been dug from the outside. She can think of a few ways to dig a tunnel with psionics. Telekinesis would be possible, but difficult, and unlikely to leave claw marks. An ectopic craftsman might use an Amber Tunneler for such a task, though Julia believes that sort of ability to be rare. Some sort of a metamorphosis could also work.

"I believe they were wearing soft shoes, better for balancing than armored footwear." Rowan is answered.

Boog's more carefull analysis of the scene leads him to a faint slime trail, some sort of bodilly fluid perhaps, smelling of rot and decay. He also finds a mouldering, rotting hand in one of the dirt piles. Partway up the tunnel, it looks like someone dropped a crossbow bolt into the soft soil while moving through...a closer examination reveals the pointy end of the bolt to be crafted from what appears to be alchemical silver.

Patlin: The monk Blinks at this.

"Did you conisder yourself Xu Phnug's enemy, Juliana?"

Boog considers how he would have created such a tunnel. Disintigration would work, but not leave the claw marks. Perhaps by dominating something that could dig?

El Jefe: "Oh, no, not undead again", thought the telepath.

Boog pointed out his findings to the others, including the monk. "What do you make of these things?", he asked.

Manzanita: "Silvered arrow." mutters Rowan. "Someone was expecting lycanthropes. And we go some big digging monster. He examines the footprints some more. Do they appear to be going in or out? The boots presumably go in.

OOC: Patlin, this is a great plot hook! And to think you did it on the spur of the moment. You should enter an Iron DM contest. Fun o meter 5!

orsal: I can judge this one, if needed.

Patlin: Glad to have you, Orsal!

Patlin: Thanks! Though the fun-o-meter is Roger's thing, I'm not sure I want to implicitly request the criticism of my fragile ego.

Patlin: The newly upturned earth is pretty easy to see prints in, and even without specific training in tracking you can tell the boots seem to go in both directions. It also looks like something may have been dragged through the tunnel.

The claw marks may only go in, but you're not 100% sure.

Bront:"He considered himself a rival of mine, and gave me no reason to see him as anything less. I find his training with my master confusing still, though I think I have begun to understand."

Julina says "The tunnel was dug from the outside. Someone went looking for them. It only begs the question, was it them specificly?"

El Jefe: Boog stared out the end of the tunnel, gazing out at the scenery outside the monastery walls. "Is there anyone here who knows how to follow tracks? I don't", he stated in his usual emotionless voice.
Manzanita: Rowan hefts his glaive. "Let's see what's on the other end of this tunnel."

Bront: Juliana nods and follows Rowan.
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Getting outside the tunnel, you see that it's late at night. The stars are out, but there is no moon. It might be wiser to wait for daylight before any attempt to track down the evildoers begins. Furthermore, you are quite exhausted from the events of the day -- Boog, especially so.


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Rowan turns to his hosts. "Hey, er, monks. Mind if we stay on your grounds tonight? We can investigate it more in the morning."


"You remain, of course, our guests. It will be our honor to provide you with both room and board while you remain with us."

El Jefe

First Post
"Does anyone here know how to track?", asked Boog, seeingly oblivious to the fact that he'd asked the same question just moments earlier.[sblock=OoC: ]Boog is back up to level 3 and all caught up to where he was before the crash.[/sblock]
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The man with the probe
Juliana shakes her head. "Beyond the obvious, I am no tracker. Perhaps we will be able to see better durring the day though, and maybe even find someone who can track for us."


The man with the probe
OOC: Patlin, I just earned 5 GM credits. Will it be ok with you if I use 2 to get Juliana to 3rd level? (since she's under 200 XP short) Seems more appropriate to do now than later.


Bront: Sure, this can count as 'between adventures' since we're just starting.

While no one has said so specifically, you seem to be leaning toward resting before proceeding further...

Feeling tired, and thinking of no new questions to ask at the moment, you head back to the monastery proper and rest for the night. In the morning, you feel much more able to face the day.

El Jefe

First Post
Patlin said:
In the morning, you feel much more able to face the day.
Anyone who cared to notice observed that Boog did not sleep, not a wink, but rather sat cross-legged with his eyes half-closed for a few hours. Despite this, he seemed as refreshed as any of the other party members did.[sblock=Spot check DC5: ]Boog's hair has seemed to change color in the night. Where before, it was black with a few reddish highlights, it now seems equally divided between black and brick-red patches.[sblock=Ooc: ]This isn't anything special, just a little racial flavor for my character.[/sblock][/sblock]As soon as the others were ready he rose to investigate the strange tunnel and what lie beyond.


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"Well, I'm glad you're all interested in investigating this disapearance. I'm sure there's something terrible going on. And there's something special about these guys who were taken. Let's go look for tracks. But if we can't find them out there, we should return and find out more about these men who were taken." says Rowan.

Kahuna Burger

First Post
between my mom's visit and waiting to see if an appropriate feat will be aproved in time, I haven't been able to update kirin. I will return to the land of activity soon....


The man with the probe
Juliana wakes up early, and heads out into the yard to excercise and meditate. She finds a spot alone, apart from the others who may be out and about, and goes about her routine, some movements with weapons, some without, and finaly meditating, focusing on her meditation crystal. Her eyes shoot open as she stares at the crystal, examining it like a puzzle box, before she nods to it, and tucks it away in her pack.

She rises and heads back to her room, where she dons her gear, finaly meeting the others as she is ready, a new look if determination on her face.

"If we can find someone who can track, we should see if they will accompany us," Juliana says. "They will likely not return here, so we shouldn't expect too for a short while either."

OOC: Submitted Juliana for L3 :)


The man with the probe
El Jefe said:
"Well, let's ask one of the monks if they know anyone who can track", Boog replied.
As they walk to find a monk...

"Have you ever had revelations in your meditations?"

El Jefe

First Post
Bront said:
"Have you ever had revelations in your meditations?"
Boog regarded Juliana carefully. "Depends on what you mean by revelations", Boog replied carefully. 'You might say I had a couple last night...at least, some mysteries seem to be unlocked to me now."


The man with the probe
"Do they speak to you?" Juliana asks. "I had a revelation, and it was as if a part of me spoke... and told me to call her Alessa."

El Jefe

First Post
Bront said:
"I had a revelation, and it was as if a part of me spoke... and told me to call her Alessa."
"No, nothing like that", Boog replied. "More like...insights...ways to do things that I couldn't do before."