Pathfinder 2E The Tower of the Tyrant (PF2)

Philip Benz

A Dragontooth Grognard
The Tower of the Tyrant has stood on the coast for over a century, a dark reminder of the days of Ragnar Ironhand. His great-grandson Sigmar destroyed the Dawn Temple before taking refuge in the Tower, and it is up to the adventurers to put an end to his plans of conquest.
This is a Pathfinder 2nd Edition adventure, for level 4 characters. Allow three or four four-hour sessions to complete it. Pregen character sheets accompany the maps necessary to complete this adventure.

English version: DriveThruRPG

French version: DriveThruRPG
The Tower of the Tyrant-sm.png

I'd be happy to post a few photos or maps if y'all are interested.
Although the statblocks and item details are tailored to PF2, I'm convinced this adventure would work fine with any RPG.

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