The Troubleshooters RPG


Just gonna give you a heads up on a really cool game that a colleague of mine has made. A kickstarter will come soon. I have playtested it, and done a first proofreading. More proofreading will be done by native-speakers of English.

We all love rpg's, and I hope that a lot of you guys like Franco/Belgian comics like Tintin, Yoko Tsuno, Spirou... Now, there will be a game based on those comics.

Official Page
Facebook page

The company that makes it is Helmgast, and they have previously done Kult: Divinity Lost, as well as a number of other games for the Swedish market.


I'll add that the main designer is Krister Sundelin, who is very good at writing light-hearted adventure RPG stuff. His most recent game otherwise is Hjältarnas Tid, which took some concept from Basic Roleplaying and made a game which manages to feel modern and nostalgic (for the Swedish market, where the BRP-derived Drakar och Demoner had the same status as Dungeons & Dragons in the US back in the 80s) at the same time - modern in its mechanics, nostalgic in its mood/setting.

I only just learned about this game, and I am unreasonably excited. And also somewhat surprised that no-one's done a 60s adventurer RPG in the style of Tintin and Spirou (and probably a bit of Carl Barks/Don Rosa's Uncle Scrooge as well) - there are quite a few 20s/30s pulp RPGs, but no 60s ones I can think of.


The creator seems to be aiming for a kickstarter in the second half of October, according to the info I have received.


The game is currently in the layout-phase, and the creator of the game and another person are doing the illustrations, that will be put in there. When he wrote it, he used dummy-illustrations from existing comics as placeholders to get the rough layout working, and setting the mood.

On the Facebook-page, he just put up entry 2 in a short series about the various vehicles that the example-characters use.

The maker of the game is also busy doing cool images that will be used in the kickstarter to show off the various pledge-levels.

Work is also done right now to get some adventures available right from the start.