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Coming The Troubleshooters soon availible in French (and maybe also German)


Time to brush up your language-skills, and grab your passport.. :cool:

The author (Krister Sundelin) of the game The Troubleshooters, wrote on the kickstarter-page the 13rth of April 2022, that the French books now had been sent to the printers. His guess was that fulfillment of that would start in late June/early July. It is Arkhane Asylum Publishing that handles the French version. A French version was part of the original kickstarter, but translation sadly took some time.

Then Green Gorilla will have a crowdfunding project for a German version, which starts 7th September 2022 according to their webpage. They have already translated the quickstart rules, which can be found here: https://greengorilla.de/downloads

More info on that can be found here: https://greengorilla.de/the-troubleshooters/

So, long live the Octopus! ;)
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