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Troll Lord

First Post
The Castle Keepers Guide (CKG) was released several years ago, but recently we released it in full color, expanded the page count (largely by increasing the font size to 10), and ironed out some of the wrinkles in the text. Its huge, 352 pages now.

But the book is really chalk full of material, from world building to stocking dungeons, to awarding land as treasure (the most useful part for characters who like to carve kingdoms out for themselves.

But last night, whilst driving the characters across the wastelands of the Blighted Screed, after running into some NPCs and pulling the CKG out we got to talking about the book. One of our players, alongside C&C, plays 5th edition D&D pretty regularly. He said they use the CKG all the time...calling it the title of this post, only half jokingly. I've not had the chance to dive into 5th Edition yet, but am told it runs very much like C&C.

But I'm curious, has anyone else used the CKG in their 5th edition game, or any C&C products for that matter.

If you not familiar with the CKG, you can download samples, see art, and check out the TOC here: Castles Keepers Guide


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