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The “W”-Series of adventures each introduce a new genre to WOIN, inspired by the greatest that pop-culture has to offer. Each contains a full adventure, along with new setting information, rules, careers, monsters, equipment, and more. The “W”-Series began with W1 Xenomorphs: The Fall of Somerset Landing. W2 Dark Decade has finished layout and will be available very soon.

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I have just downloaded W2 Dark Decade and it looks to be everything I was hoping for plus a whole lot more. I was wondering, will it eventually be released in book format? I do hope so, as I prefer physical copies to PDF files.

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I just finished reading W2 Dark Decade over coffee this morning. I had ordered a print copy via Amazon. Fun, fast read at 36 pages (plus 6 pregens, blank character sheet and EONS ad. Technically page 1 is credits).

It's a fairly light touch, but sets one up for chargen nicely. The NYC 80's is a very high level snapshot with some key iconic locations (CBGB). It stays fairly on point to the supernatural in NYC; I think a GM would need to do a bit of research to flesh out for a campaign for an 80s feel (or move it forward in time) unless they lived through (and recall) the 80s. ;)

Nice sampling of monsters and a few key monster NPCs. The adventure is fairly linear, but looks like it would play well at the table for an intro.

Glad I got a copy, and looking forward to Spirits of Manhattan. :)

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