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I hope I'm not misunderstanding the purpose of this forum, and that it's okay to post this here. I just wanted to promote a website about imaginary worlds for use in role-playing games and for other purposes: The Wongery.

We've been working on this site for fifteen years, and some of the worlds described there we'd been working on even longer. (Well, when I say we've been working on the site for fifteen years, we started it fifteen years ago, but we haven't been actively working on it all that time; years went by when we did very little on it.) But until today, we haven't told anyone about it and have done absolutely nothing to promote it, and I figured it was about time we... maybe ought to do something about that. Admittedly, despite how long we've been working on it, there's not nearly as much content there as I'd like, and not all the features I want for the site have been implemented... but if we waited until everything was perfect before we told anyone about it, it would remain a secret forever. Just be aware that it's very much a work in progress.

The main features of the site are two wikis: the Central Wongery and the Public Wongery. The purpose of both is to contain articles about imaginary worlds and other fictional entities that can be used in role-playing games and for other purposes; the difference is that all the articles in the Central Wongery are written by a core group of "Grandmaster Wongers" (okay, I know that's a silly name; sorry), while the Public Wongery is open to editing by anyone. Right now there are no articles in the Public Wongery, but, well, since I never told anyone about the site, that's not surprising.

The site isn't ''just'' for role-playing games—the intent is that the worlds there can be used in fiction and other media as well, and there are also pages for things like LEGO models and assets for video games. But role-playing games are a major part of it. There's a whole namespace devoted to role-playing games. Admittedly, there's no actual content in that namespace in the Central Wongery yet, because I just finally got it set up (it required some custom MediaWiki extensions, and I am not a skilled programmer, so making those was a little daunting), but I plan to add a lot over the next few days. And this namespace also exists on the Public Wongery, so other users can add their own material.

(By the way, all the custom MediaWiki extensions I used are publicly available on GitHub if anyone wants to use them on a wiki of their own—although I don't recommend it, at least until I get some time to clean up the code and add better documentation. Right now they mostly work, but they're kind of a mess.)

All of the content in the mainspace of the wikis is released under a CC-BY-SA license, so anyone can use it. I plan to also release it eventually under another license that will allow it to be used for certain media without the ShareAlike provision. That doesn't necessarily go for the content in the RPG space, though; the license of the content of those pages depends on the game. (RPG content for Pathfinder or BRP, for instance, would of course fall under the ORC license.)

For what it's worth, the site has no ads, nor do I have any plans to put ads on it in the future. And of course it's completely free to use; there are no registration fees or other fees involved. We're not making any money from this. There is at least some prospect we may make money from it someday; I've been considering at some point putting up a Patreon and/or Ko-fi for it, and there is, at least in principle, the possibility of making money through licensing. (While the licensing terms allow anyone to use the site's content for free, someone who, for instance, wants to make a movie about one of the worlds described on the site and doesn't want to have it under the ShareAlike provision would have to work out a custom license—though I realize the possibility of that happening is extremely remote.) Still, even if we do hope someday we might make some money from the site, we're not making any at the moment, and we're doing it mostly just because we want to share my creations (and provide another venue where others can share theirs).

Please let me know what you think of the site, and if there are any features you think should be added, or any currently missing articles that you think are particularly urgently needed.

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy the site!
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