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Kickstarter The "Worldbuilder's Notebook" came across my email inbox

Big J Money

This DM's notebook, called the Worldbuilder's Notebook, is being Kickstarted by Swordfish Islands. It is looking pretty rad. The Kickstarter Synopsis:

"I am an RPG creator and publisher, who likes to write notes. Lots of notes. I've developed the Worldbuilder's Notebook over the past couple of years to address the problems I run into when creating gaming content for myself, and others.

I've come to Kickstarter to raise funds to commission some awesome inspirational Sword & Sorcery type artwork for the notebook's endsheets, and to pay for an offset print run of the books.

Link: Worldbuilder's Notebook

These guys wrote Hot Springs Island, and I can attest that was possibly the most well-organized (and awesome) sandbox world content I've ever seen, so I wouldn't trust anyone to do a better job on a DM's notebook than them (here is Questing Beast's review of it -- spoilers warning for players). There are a lot of intelligent touches in the design. I won't go into details because you can read them yourself on the Kickstarter page if you're interested. :)

I'm mostly into digital products these days, but this is tempting. Even running a completely online game, I can see the value of having a notebok like this handy, and sometimes different creative ideas flow when writing versus typing. Either way I wanted to pass this on to those DMs who will drool over it. :D

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