The World's Most Dangerous Dungeon Master

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Who taught Vin Diesel how to play? That was me.

Yes, I'm the one who taught Vin Diesel how to play D&D.

BTW, you may want to check out my twitter account. I've started an ongoing joke about The world's Most Dangerous Dungeon Master.

The #worldsmostdangerousdungeonmaster only eats iron rations.
The #worldsmostdangerousdungeonmaster throws his dice overhand.
The #worldsmostdangerousdungeonmaster does not use the word "encounters", he says "Another opportunity to kill a PC" instead.
The #worldsmostdangerousdungeonmaster is the only guy who can use "I play D&D" as a pick-up line and have it work.
When the #worldsmostdangerousdungeonmaster rolls a critical it does triple damage.
The #worldsmostdangerousdungeonmaster doesn't use wandering monster tables, he uses going-to-hunt-you-down-and-kill-you monster tables.
The #worldsmostdangerousdungeonmaster is the guy the Gary used to call when he had a question.
Most monsters have encounter and daily powers. The #worldsmostdangerousdungeonmaster has monsters with weekly and even monthly powers.
The #worldsmostdangerousdungeonmaster knows 101 uses for a 12-sided die.
The #worldsmostdangerousdungeonmaster ran a game for Satan in '82. He wanted to check it out, but died in an orc fight and left, (big baby).
The #worldsmostdangerousdungeonmaster invented Mountain Dew to keep his players awake during days long marathon D&D sessions.
When you roll a saving throw in the #worldsmostdangerousdungeonmaster 's game, you have to put money down.
The #worldsmostdangerousdungeonmaster has a larger dice bag than yours.
The #worldsmostdangerousdungeonmaster can roll a 21 on a twenty sided die.
The #worldsmostdangerousdungeonmaster is the only DM whose party thanks him after a TPK.
The #worldsmostdangerousdungeonmaster plays with an all girl group who are pornstars. Wait, that's this guy. . .World's Most Dangerous Dungeon Master: Sex Goddesses Play D&D
The #worldsmostdangerousdungeonmaster plays fourth edition because he has already used up the previous three.
The #worldsmostdangerousdungeonmaster says if you are dying in his game you only get one save vs death, and thats if you're lucky.
When there is a 30% chance of rain, the #worldsmostdangerousdungeonmaster is the guy who rolls to see if that happens.
The #worldsmostdangerousdungeonmaster has dice carved from human bones.
the #worldsmostdangerousdungeonmaster has minions with TWO hit points

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Canor Morum

First Post
The multiple posting here with links to the same site looks like blatant advertising bordering on spam.

I'm sure your blog is very interesting but I'm sure you can think of better ways to increase your readership.


ENWorld accounts for 1/3 of my traffic, so no, not really.

I would prefer for people to discuss about the blog on this thread, which was my intent. I keep hoping it will happen. I'm going to delve into some past legal history, maybe that will stir some reaction.

I've made all of 16 cents on the blog, so it's not like I'm getting rich one way or the other. All responses I do have are positive.

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