Free There's a new update for Game Master Journal, the free Campaign journal/organizer! You can now import custom data!


A while back I released a free android app: Game Master Journal. This app helps DM's (Or players) keep track of important campaign information like NPC's, Cities, Loot, and even allows you to create an entirely custom page of information. I've added a lot of features since the initial release, and one of the features I wanted to eventually add was importing functionality. Well that feature is now available!

You can now create your own CSV file, and import it into the app without having to create every entry individually, which will save a lot of time if you're a power user, or use the app from something like a Chromebook. I recommend exporting a sample table first, so you can have a look at the proper formatting.

In addition to that, you can now add an image for the cities you create. This is super handy if you have a map or a reference image for what the city should look like.

Check out the app here!

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