Things to Find in a Large River?


I've seen jokes on several shows involving characters positing the existence of reverse-vampires that like the sun (there's a simpsons episode where Milhouse accuses the adults of being reverse vampires, and an Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode where Master Shake insists that a bus that's been parked across from his house is owned by a sun-craving reverse vampire from "Tansylvania") and it occurred to me that such creatures would probably also crave flowing water, since that's another thing that's usually a vampire weakness
Now that I think of it, the bus in the Aqua Teen episode actually was owned by a humanoid moth who craved light, so Shake's theory wasn't as unfounded as the show makes it out to be


Well this week's idea is sailing up the river to the equivalent of Abu Simbel temples.

I called it Dead Dragon Temple so thinking of mummified/zombie dragons or a Dragonborn or Half Dragon Pharoah.


*river pirates
*river dolphins
*crocodiles, aligators, and caimans
*a shipwreck
*pyramid-building space aliens
*pyramid building creatures from beneath the hollow earth
*pyramid building time-travelers
*Boris Karloff
*Charlton Heston

The river spirit thing is also elsewhere in the game world. I could port it to Egypt I suppose but the River King get thing is elsewhere.
ah, Abu Simbel. It really changes the meaning of that poem when you see the other three statues

Huh i have no idea what aqua teen hunger is
Aqua Teen Hunger Force was a show on Cartoon Network's late-night 'Adult Swim' lineup that was about fast-food mascots who were petty criminals
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I've gone with ancient evil dragonlords. 2 ancients have been released from stasis and they found an ancient fresco of a multi world empire.

They jumped on spelljamming was thinking of portals. What's funny is none if them have played Spelljammer, 4 of them are new pick ups but they've heard about it.

So tempted to ham it up with flying pyramids.


  • A huge lake; think "great lake" from our world. Basically a freshwater sea.
  • A tunnel where the river flows in/out of the underworld.
  • A fork in the river
  • A bridge built by giants. Humans have improved it/colonized it; the "steps" are 10' tall, human scaffolding makes them passable.
  • Wetlands; a huge swamp.
  • A canyon, where the shores mostly become cliffs, and the river cut a mountain in twain.
  • A ford
  • A ferry, that uses ropes and pullies
  • A fort built in a rock-island. Has chains/arrows/rapids to prevent bypassing it.
  • A strange people who get their food from large, electric stone mushrooms. They believe in eternal life/reincarnation. One of them is building an airship.
  • As noted, cataracks. Above/below can be very different.
  • A flat flat plain, where the river meanders and moves over the land, and crossing a 100' shortcut can save days of river travel.
  • Were-weasels, were-crocs, were-hippos
  • Electrix eels.