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Fantasy Grounds

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This Week's Fantasy Grounds
New Releases

April 22-28, 2024

New Release
Savage Rifts(R): Ghost Roads Adventure
Pinnacle Entertainment Group

Begin your journey into the Dark Frontier with this introductory adventure for Novice characters! To secure funds vital to the Tomorrow Legion's continuing operations, the legionnaires begin the road trip from hell to meet a mysterious patron. Can they survive the storms, raiders, and other dangers of the frontier to complete their mission? Or will they join the bleached bones that mark the Ghost Roads?


New Release
Pathfinder RPG - Campaign Setting: Lost Treasures
Paizo Inc.

Lost and Found!
Treasure hunting isn't just a job. For the most passionate adventurers, it's the thrill of finally holding a legendary item in your hand, or the flash of insight when you unravel the function of a mysterious magical object, that justifies risking life and limb. From powerful magical weapons like the Pale Maiden and Traitor's Blade to items like the Beacon of the North and the Witchmarket Coin that carry you vast distances into uncharted realms, the best treasures capture an adventurer's imagination. Now delve into the dragon's hoard and discover for yourself some of the most exotic and sought-after items in the Pathfinder campaign setting.


New Release
Pathfinder RPG - Campaign Setting: Ships of the Inner Sea
Paizo Inc.

High Seas, High Adventure!
Not all adventures take place on land--the ships that sail the waters of the Inner Sea and surrounding oceans provide countless sources of excitement, plunder, and naval exploits. Whether the adventurers are simple passengers attacked by pirates or intrepid sailors running an enemy blockade, the ships presented in this book give Game Masters the tools they need to run fantastic adventures on the open sea.


New Release
Grizelda's Cursed Curiosities
Grim Press

Grizelda's Cursed Curiosities is a compendium of 15 ghost-themed adventures for 5E. This tome of adventures builds off of the tools from the Guide to Ghost Hunting . You'll see new monsters, haunts, and an array of exciting and spooky adventures.


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