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Fantasy Grounds

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🎲This Week's Fantasy Grounds
New Releases & Sales

January 29- February 4, 2024

New Releases
from Devin Night

165: Heroic Characters 32
166: Heroic Characters 33
167: Heroic Characters 34
168: Two Legged Terrors
169: Maze Masters
170: The Haunted


New Release
Pathfinder RPG - Campaign Setting: Numeria, Land of Fallen Stars
Paizo Inc.

Ruins from the Stars

Thousands of years ago, a massive spaceship from a distant world broke apart in the atmosphere above Golarion, showering down alien debris and technological wonders--an event known as the "Rain of Stars"--onto the plains of Numeria. Largely kept within this land by the barbarian natives' superstition and hostility as well as the greed and jealousy of the magical cabal known as the Technic League, the technology from this advanced culture has defined Numeria over the centuries. Now, nomadic warriors and metal men clash in radioactive badlands, and treasure-seekers from across the Inner Sea flock to the strange metal dungeons that pepper the landscape. What mysteries of super-science await you in this magical land?


New Release
FG Steampunk Structures Map Pack
SmiteWorks USA, LLC

This map pack consists of many elements that can be used to create or enhance existing structure images to add a steampunk aesthetic.


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January 29- February 4, 2024
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