Thor: Ragnarok (trailer)


Naked and living in a barrel
May the power of the 80s be with you!

Not sure that "we know each other from work" joke will be in the film.


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I'm not quite old enough to have been reading Jack Kirby comics while on high on drugs in the 1970s. Well, the drugs part, at least. I believe this film may offer an acceptable substitute.

i.e. it looks amazing. And it looks like it'll a headphones & Zeppelin kind of evening.

edit: even the font choice was on point!

I like the "I know him from work" well enough in the trailer. But I'd be okay if something else takes its place.

It looks like they realized Hemsworth is hilarious and has good comedic timing, and they need to give him more to work with...


A suffusion of yellow
please just tell me that Darryl is in the movie:)

Hela looks good and apparently has gotten a lot more powerful on a cosmic level

(and is that a Celestial standing behind the Grand Master?)

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