D&D General Thoughts on Dungeons and Dragons: Onslaught


Has anyone played this skirmish game? It had somehow escaped my attention when it came out last year.

Physically, it looks impressive. I'm wondering if anyone on the boards has played it and what you thought.

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The pre-painted figures look good, but the $125.00 price turns me off since my group would likely only play it a couple times a year if the normal games does not play.



Lowcountry Low Roller
I continue to wonder who is painting these minis (and when they’ll be inevitably replaced by 3D printed color minis)?


That’s a lot of money for not many factory painted minis! If the minis are all you want buying 6-8 icons of the realms booster packs will get you a lot more. Unless you really want these particular sculpts.


I picked this up in the hopes of getting more use out of the hundreds of Pathfinder miniatures I already own.

Although well designed, it wasn't nearly as fun as the skirmish games I already own, namely Frostgrave, Warcry, and X-Wing. With limited time to play, I can't imagine passing up on those to play this.

Component wise, I'm disappointed in the large spinner character/monster sheets. Takes up too much room, pain to adjust the dials, have to be careful not to bump it, and makes creating custom content with pre-existing miniatures harder (maybe why they designed it that way).

I'm hoping they find a good way to incorporate custom content, make the game play faster, and get the cost of expansions down.


My dream game with this system would be to have one or several player(s) assemble a custom party in order to tackle short dungeon scenarios of traps and monsters created and ran by another player. Both sides limited by points, of course.

I think that would have fit the D&D theme better than just "characters fight each other in an arena".

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