D&D 5E Thoughts on human variant less abilities/additional skill point/starting feat


Just wondering if anyone has allowed the human variant along with the standard human ( +1 to all abilities) feature? Pros? Cons?

FYI. I am starting the party at 3rd, and letting them have a starting feat already. If someone can play the human variant, they would start with two feats. Not sure if thats too OP foe what it’s worth.



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The High Aldwin
We allow the V-human to begin with two feats, hasn't hurt anything. 🤷‍♂️

If anything, it is a temptation to actually play a human now because most people just want to play other things, in general the weirder the better. :(

The +1 to all stats is not meaningfully stronger than variant human's regular +1 to just two stats...

Being able to turn an odd score in your weaker half of stats into an even bonus hardly matters, beyond looking neater.


The +1 to all stats is not meaningfully stronger than variant human's regular +1 to just two stats...
That depends entirely on what you roll.

If you roll all odd numbers the +1 to all stats is WAY better than any other race, with the possible exception to those that give three +1s (and even then it would depend on the build).


For a human starting with two feats, it's going to depend entirely on what two feats they choose to take whether or not it makes them slightly more powerful or just more versatile/interesting. I mean, they could take two feats that pump up the same ability and end up with an extra +1 to certain things, or bang two feats together to get a really nice (but still situational) combat trick, but neither of those is going to be game-breakingly powerful. There's generally only going to be one or two specific feats that any particular character is really going to want over their entire adventuring career, and I think most folks would likely use that extra starting feat to pick up something like Magic Initiate, boost a weak save or pick up more skills. It shouldn't really present any major problems to let the variant humans start with two feats.

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