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In the old system, when looking at the list of threads in a forum one could hover over a thread title and the first 20 words or so of that thread's first post would appear - very handy to see whether a thread's content was likely to reflect its title without having to click in and back out. The new system as yet doesn't do this. Will it ever, or is this now a lost functionality?

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Like this?


Yeah, this is the same issue you're having with picking a like emoji. The new system relies on something your browser config doesn't like.


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It works fine for me as well. I run FireFox with several privacy extensions, but ENworld is granted permissions.


Try installing a brand new, different, browser and see if it works there. If it does (and it likely will), the problem is with your specific browser installation, and nobody here can really help you.

Unless you're a real tech wizz and can figure out what is wrong by yourself all we can do is suggest resetting your browser. (You'll lose all personalized settings)

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