PF2 Three Days of Black Blood

A band of cruel band of orc pirates is about to ravage the fishing village of Fairshell. It is up to the new PCs to stop Captain Nandra and her goons before it's too late! This short adventure for 1st-level characters by Thiago Rosa offers you an epic adventure to entertain your friends for at least a couple of hours—if not more! Illustrated by Mark Bulahao.

It's a new edition for Pathfinder—and our 11th article in this new run of TRAILseeker, the weekly e-zine where we publish Pathfinder-compatible material thanks to the support of our lovely Patreons!

In this instance, Thiago Rosa brings us a new short adventure for 1st-level characters for Pathfinder Second Edition in this article illustrated by Mark Bulahao.


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