D&D 5E Thumbing my nose at the OGL: Here's a free 5e adventure, "The Dragon's Rest Inn"



Deep in the woods along the seldom-used Old Way lies the ruins of the Dragon’s Rest Inn. The Inn was destroyed decades ago by the orcs of the Seventh Blood Frenzy. In the aftermath, other roads longer but much safer were built, skirting the woods and their dangers. Nobody wanted to take the risk of rebuilding the Inn, far from help; it was soon all but forgotten. Wise travelers will use the New Road instead of the Old Way, and only those in a great hurry or who have business in the woods will take the more perilous route. Aleya, a druid, and her beast friends do their best to keep the worst dangers away from the Old Way, giving those who still use it a chance at safe passage. But Aleya is missing, and the people of Oakenvale have sent two tough hunters who know the Old Way to check up on her. They haven't returned either. In ever-increasing worry, the townsfolk have gathered what reward they can to entice hardy adventurers to find out what is happening and hopefully see Aleya and the two missing militia safely home.

Free to you all, unencumbered by OGL license issues, I offer "The Dragon's Rest Inn", an adventure compatible with 5e, suitable for 5th-7th level adventurers, including a nine page PDF, two super-high-resolution maps suitable for VTTs, three new magic items, six new monsters, and hooks for additional adventures. You can come git you some at https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ipV25DaNTM6B24bCL4qURlAoAvR7FxbE ... please let me know what you think!

BTW I've already submitted the file to VirusTotal for analysis, so snarf it down in confidence.

Game free, my kobold minions!

And to be clear: I assert that in no way does any corporate entity have any rights whatsoever to this adventure and its contents; I neither require nor want their "permission". This is for everybody except them... that tasty, tasty Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license. Sukkit, HasBeen.
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