[Thurs 2pm-6pm] Return of the Winter Witch

Every year at the time of the solstice, the villagers of St. Silas commemorate their century-old victory over the fearsome Winter Witch. Gentlefolk travel from all over the Three Kingdoms to partake of the festivities -- the bards' tales, the fine foods, the dancing and revelry. You and your comrades-in-arms have just returned from a harrowing expedition, flush with looted treasure and the thrill of cheating death once again. The festival seems like the perfect place for a well-earned rest.

Since the victory over the Witch, snow falls rarely in St. Silas. Superstition has it that snowfall during the festival heralds a long, harsh winter, so when the first flakes began to slowly drift to earth there was a collective sense of disappointment. Now seven days have passed. The town is buried under a blanket of white and still the snow falls, light but constant. A trapper staggers into town, frost-bitten and near death. With his final breath, he gasps "The Winter Witch has returned."

A fantasy game using the Green Ronin Song of Ice and Fire rules (though not the setting). Pre-gens will be provided.

Anyone is welcome, but folks from ENWorld attending their first GenCon will have first shot at spots in this game.

1. shabois
2. nerfwright
3. Living Legend
4. Radiating Gnome
5. adamjung

Alt 1
Alt 2
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Living Legend

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I might get pulled into working until that evening, but if I arrive on time like I hope (around noon) I would love to play in it. I've never played that system, but I've read the series and heard good things about it the game.


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I also may have a friend along, just not sure if he will be down thursday or friday. I'll bring him along just in case there is a space, but I wouldn't put him on the roster.

Where is the game being held? and do I need generic tickets or anything? (2nd gencon, but didn't game last year, just browsed the event hall)
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