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New Releases
June 3-9, 2024

New Release
Boricubos The Lost Island
Legendary Games

Explore the incredible archipelago of Boricubos , a land rooted in the myths and legends of the Taino and Arawak peoples of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. This amazing campaign setting includes vividly detailed cultures with seven sensational playable races, from the anabagua flower-folk to the volcanic wolakan, the mercenary iguaca parrot-folk, the hurakan living storm scions, and more! Plus you'll find nearly 40 new archetypes and class options for every 5E character class, alongside dozens of new spells, weapons and armor, feats, magic items, and so much more, including the all-new shaman class, a divine spirit-master and cousin to the warlock who binds the spirits of nature and the incarnation of ancestors to wield mystic power, with dozens of spirit bindings and boons to make each shaman unique!


New Release
Cursed Scroll Zine, Vol. 1: Diablerie!
The Arcane Library

Cursed knights channeling demonic power, mist-addled forests where witches and warlocks stalk the trees, and crumbling castles housing ancient, eldritch creatures!
Cursed Scroll 1 for the Shadowdark RPG adds diabolical new ideas to your RPG game world!

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New Release
Pathfinder RPG - Campaign Setting: Andoran, Birthplace of Freedom
Paizo Inc.

Wedged between the crumbling empire of Taldor and the devil-worshipers of Cheliax, the self-made nation of Andoran shines proudly on the coast of the Inner Sea. Ruled by a Supreme Elect chosen by the people, Andoran is surrounded by aristocratic enemies who believe the republic is an experiment doomed to failure, but who also fear its growing power. Within its own borders, Andoran must face the threat of the greedy Lumber Consortium, warbands of hobgoblins, tribes of werewolves, and increasingly violent creatures of the wilds who are enraged at seeing their forests destroyed for profit.

Whether your players are noble supporters of freedom, agents of older empires, or opportunists seeking to carve out their own places in a young nation, this has everything you need to run a campaign in the tumultuous land of Andoran


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🎉We are thrilled to announce that our new Chief Development Officer,
Adam Bradford, will be a special guest on the Fantasy Grounds Fridays this Friday!

🗓️ Date: Friday, June 7, 2024
🕒 Time: 2 PM EDT

Tune in to hear Adam discuss his vision for the future, upcoming projects, and much more!
Don’t miss this opportunity to get to know our new CDO and ask your burning questions. 🔥

📺 Watch Live: Set your reminders and join us for an engaging and insightful episode. See you there! 👋


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