D&D General Time in RPGs

Something I learned, and unfortunately it was a little late: Pencil and paper RPGs work best when time is narrative. It's no coincidence that in 5e a torch lasts as long as a Short Rest. To elaborate on where I'm coming from, I played Champions (Heroes) and if you want to talk about "video game RPGs" nothing even comes close to Champions. The creators explicitly said it was inspired by the precision of video games. Breaking every round down into 12 segments, and each segment into parts, and then tracking each character through the segments as they act multiple times is tedious to say the least.

The strength of video games is their precision: time tracked to nanoseconds, complex math, and large numbers.

Everything I just described is a weakness in PnP RPGs.

The strength of PnP RPGs is their narrative. At any moment, at any point, the game can take an unexpected turn as the story comes to life.

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