Timeline through move to EN World: thru Summer, 64 AK


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This is the entirety of the timeline advancement up through our shift to the EN World forums.

Summer +64 A.K.
The economic situation in the town of Asgalun which first came to the fore in the spring, spends most of the summer in a state of simmering. Workers on the docks and in the warehouses grouse more and more, and, after a month or so, there is talk of organizing amongst the various working groups, in order to throw their weight around for leverage, to take back some control over the situation.

The mysterious person or group who is believed to have consolidated much of the economic interests of the port town have still not been identified. Many are disappointed that Baron Niktoson has not been able to keep his promise.

With problems in the main port, the merchant costers in the rest of the country begin to explore land routes south through Ceomyr, and perhaps even over to Thoradur or Mittendien.

The weather is generally mild all season, and the sages believe this will lead to cooler than usual seasons in the fall and winter.

Prince Bjorn, now 25 years old, graduates from the Academy, a week long festival is organized, before he leaves to command a regiment in the Lorlynian orchish struggle.

A major vein of adamantine ore is discovered in Egan, immigration there is booming as the town expands to accommodate it. Clan Grady is poised to gain much more influence from this new addition to their already powerful mining operations. Marquis Gunther, head of Clan Halden, is saying this resource should be controlled by the crown and be used for the benefit of the entire kingdom. The matter is now before the council, and tensions are rising between the two most powerful mining Clans. King Dolan has yet to comment or intervene in the situation.

News on the northern patrol is grim, remains of the patrol have been found and evidence shows that they were ambushed by a sizable force of giants and giant-kin. Upon further investigation it seems a massive gathering of giants and giant-kin have begun excavation on a northern peak of the Stonewall. The Northern Army has been activated and preparations are being made for the possible defence of the northern front.

News from the far south, indicate that Ulruz is in a state of civil war. With permission from both General Antonius, leader of the Loyalists, and the Prince, leader of the Dissidents, a full compliment of observers is sent to study the conflict from both sides.

After the departure from Gwullrya of the great army, the city struggles with guild wars and crime sprees. House Ceodrylla takes advantage of the chaos to gain control over a majority of the city. Swythun of Ceodrylla declares himself Baron of Gwullrya and establishes city-wide patrols. The popular support for the peace and safety that follow override the concerns of the other local houses, who soon fall in line.

Duke Fythen's army in Ren suffers even further casualties as all out war with the Dinosaurs of Thunder Island begins in earnest at Ren.

On the mainland, The Emperor returns emissaries from Agrossea with gifts and a promise of peaceful, and hopefully, mutually beneficial relations.

Nothing much has happened in Cryndon this summer. Construction on their new port town has almost been completed. A few adventurers hired to help clear the area found a smuggler's cove which was deserted. There are also rumors that the smugglers were bringing in creatures, and a dragon managed to escape into the mountains. The creature has not been seen if this is true. A council meeting is convened to decide what course of action to take concerning the uprising in Ulruz. and the legitimacy of Antonius' claim is confirmed. The Dwarves declare that they will sell no goods to, or allow gods for the rebel faction, to be transported through their kingdom. Anyone caught breaking this law will never be allowed to use the mountain passes again.

Up north, the ending spot for the Homeroad is converted into a heavily-fortified base from which to launch forays against the giants.

With the capital city of Ulruz firmly under Antonius' control, the Kinrisar navy departs. A small contingent of Kinrisar Infantry are left to bolster the legions loyal to Antonius. The fleet returns to the eastern waters of Kinrisar and strike against the known pirate bases and towns. A swift campaign by the Naval squadrons is carried out. Raids on the towns and citadels of the pirate captains are brought to quick resolution with the force of the Infantry to boost the power of the Navy. The pirate forces are greatly weakened by this campaign.

In the west, things are not so good. Crolon continues to be plagued by irregular forces attacking outlying farmsteads and villages. Livestock are disappearing or found killed. A delegation is sent to Pari Ka'ansa to request additional Infantry forces to be deployed in the west. The construction of the hill forts in the western Bitroot Mountains slows.

Tibo has been free of attacks by the dragon. The Sea Elves begin to increase the frequency of their ships calling on Kinrisari ports to fill in the trade gap left by the departed Kinrisar fleet. Local merchants and traders continue to quietly grouse about the loss of "their" revenues to the "foreign" Sea Elves.

Rumors of a new and powerful cult begin to surface on the streets of Prea Abo.

Word begins to spread of a newly sung elven city that is deep in the woods. It is whispered that great magics can be learned there. Its whereabouts remains a secret the entire summer.

The war for Idenynia continues to be a stalemate. The orcs seem to be waiting something. Prince Telendor welcomes Prince Bjorn to Lorlynia and assigns him a command in Idenynia. Strange rumors of undead circulate around this besieged city, adding to the tension.

Merchents dealing with the elves also talk of quiet robes figures walking the planks of elven ships that some say can control the weather.

The rich spring was a great boon to planting crops, but the summer turns hotter and dryer than expected. While farmers pray for enough rain to save their crops, some of the great forests are ablaze with wildfire. Even if druids say the fires are a natural part of the forests' life cycle, that does not allay the fears of the townsfolk whose homes are in danger.

There are tales of sightings of a great dragon or other water-beast on the lake, but none from reliable sources, and there don't seem to be any signs of such a creature eating any of the nearby livestock. The stories are put down to the ramblings of drunks and laughed away.

As the heat of summer lies in a heavy blanket across the kingdom the frenetic activities of the past seasons ebb into the background, losses of merchant caravans drop and the Serevan Plains tribes cease their raiding.

The calm was just a lull as towards the end of summer shocking events reverberated in the councils of the mighty and the hovels of the poor. An assassination attempt was made on the life of the Prince of Princes, assailants attacked at night in large numbers and running battles raged for most of the night inside the imperial palace as supernatural creatures were encountered and defeated. By dawn much of the palace showed signs of fire and magical damage, visible even beyond the massive security cordon thrown up, and many of the palace's guards and employees are rumoured to have been killed. One very notable casualty was the High Priest of Naeron in Ssthenras who's body was found under rubble.

The Prince of Princes has appeared on a number of occasions but the identity and motives of those behind these events remain matters of speculation. It is certain however that the wrath of the religious and temporal authorities has been raised and the coming months may give rise troubled times.

Little of consequence seems to happen in Rhaavin this summer, most of the anxieties and fears of past seasons seeming to have ebbed away, though always there are whispers. While the disappearances have become rarer they still occur causing some of the more paranoid members of Rhaavins communities to wonder if the calm is not simply something to lure the populace into a false sense of security.

Whispers of a more positive sort are those of a coming contest of sorts, apparently a proud and skilled captain of Rhaavin's fleet, one known to be very competent in hunting pirates has sought to challenge mercenaries and sailors both of the navy and foreign to a contest to see who could gain the most bounties or greater bounties in one season. The contest hasn't been officially announced yet however it is well known on the streets of the port cities. To the winners naturally go the sum of the bounties plus a bonus reward direct from the bounties of the pirates caught by the loser. There are also whispers of one gaining rank amongst the navy provided their merits are deemed worthy.

The king has continued to build roads, infrastructure, and other civic projects. Scouts to the east, while exploring some mountains, have encountered a powerful red dragon! Meanwhile, the new town of Eben Tarnek has been established, with a population of some 8,600 people that have newly immigrated from neighboring lands to the north and east. Eben Tarnek has been established in the shadow of nine large hills, the largest rising some 6800 ft. In these hills are strange monoliths of a dark black stone, standing thirty feet high. These strange monoliths have been found throughout the region of the nine hills, and explorers are still digging and working in the area. Several prominent wizards have arrived from the capital, and are beginning to study the strange black monoliths.

Along the southern coast, a group of islands have been discovered. These enchanted islands feature huge, towering cliffs, and rich green forests. The islands remain enshrouded in mystery. The Suryan Naval Command is hiring mercenaries to explore these mysterious, enchanted islands.

To the south east, a great tomb complex has been discovered by a group of adventurers. Most of the 20-man adventuring company were killed while exploring the dangerous ruins, though six members have survived, and have gained great wealth from their journeys. The company--called the "Company of the Black Wolf", named after a member's animal companion, are seeking new recruits to return to the strange ruins.

Strange ogre-like creatures burrow through the surface of several hill dwarf towns in apparent coordination. They are quickly put down or flee after severing a few heads. Attempts to follow the creatures are futile.

The king orders a group delvers to investigate.

The renegade prince, the disenfranchised son of the Emperor, attacks and takes Hiuraer, the large crossroads city north of Doluhre, effectively cutting off the capitol from much of its supply and economic sources. This is a huge economic and political success, one which General Antonius, now the adopted son of the Emperor and heir-apparent, cannot ignore. The renegade prince immediately then sets about implementing miles of trenches and barricades around Hiuraer, which he declares his Capitol in Exile.

Unknown to General Antonius, however, the prince has also made an alliance with the Centaur tribes, and a strong rebel force backed by the Centaurs deploys secretly in the mountains east and north-east of Hiuraer.

From other nations, Caedmon sends observers to both sides in the conflict for its Academy of War, with permission.

Spring +64 A.K.
After having spent several years consolidating power after his sudden ascension, the King of the Argosh, Solshin Adorinson, finally decides that his nation's affairs are in order enough to resume contact with the outside world.

Emissaries bearing gifts and messages of reconciliation are sent to the nearby nations of Ceomyr and Thoradur. With the Ceomyrian emissary is several tankards of brew from the King's finest stores; to the dwarves of Thoradur, that emissary bears the skulls of one hundred orcs.

With the receding of winter, the threat of northern border villages and towns seems lessened. Whether or not this turns out to be a false sense of security remains to be seen.

In the largest port in the nation, Asgalun, there is an aggressive series of takeovers among certain shipping and trading costers, leading to consolidation of a once diverse place. The force behind the takeovers is suspected to be a single person or group of people, but their identity (or identities) are not known. The land-baron of Asgalun, Dostoi Niktoson, has personally promised to unmask those behind the scheme. People are confident that he will keep to his word.

The snows melt and the spring patrols are sent out. A far northern partol fails to return and a Unit is dispatched to investigate.

With some of the more reasonable propositions ebing accepted and enacted by the crown, the clans realize the coucil holds real potential. Political tutors are hired at outrageous prices by most families and many disputes are now settled before even coming to the King's ear, to curry clan favors.

Rumors of an uprising in a kingdom to the south, sets aflutter the staff at the Academy of War, and more news is sought.

Cryndon starts construction on a Northern port town, on the east side of the Daggerwall. A call is put out for adventurers to help clear the area for the new port. An envoy is sent to Thordur to offer assistance to the besieged nation. Squads of sappers and demolishers are readied and sent down the Dwarven Lowroad. The dwaves begin to turn the place they stopped the Lowroad into an underground fortress.

After the appropriate sacrifices are made to Eraekoth, Brand, and Horun the fleet prepares to sail. A blessing from Os is also given for mercy to follow the fighting force whereever they go, both to give and receive. The great fleet departs Pari Ka'ansa for the east and Ulruz.

A brief skirmish is encountered with a very surprised pirate fleet. Several ships are captured and added to the ranks of the Kinrisar fleet. After several more weeks landfall in SW Ulruz is accomplished. The legion that General Antonius expected is contacted and loaded aboard the ships. Many of the elite squads are loaded into the captured pirate ships. The fleet then turns north to Doluhre.

A plan is developed. The pirate ships sail into Doluhre harbor under their own flags late in the evening. Dock masters are bribed in the usual fashion for dealing with pirates. Late in the evening, the elite troops slip from their ships onto the docks and take the harbor's defensive positions. The remainder of the Kinrisar fleet sails into the harbor with a much decreased resistance depositing the rest of General Antonius' legion as well as the Kinrisar regulars.

The war effort in Ulruz is the focus for all the people of Kinrisar. Repayment of their perceived debt to Ulruz, and specifically Antonius, is well upon their minds. It is a source of tremendous pride that they are able to repay this debt so soon and so well.

Trade is disrupted by the war effort. Many merchant houses quietly complain about the lost revenues. The smart ones keep these thoughts within their breasts.

The western lands of Kinrisar suffer from the lack of regular forces. Raids by bandits and Yuan-Ti forces increase in their intensity and frequency. Tibo is also plagued by frequent visits by the dragon. No messages for ransom are sought by the dragon.

As the snows melt, the doors to the Academy of War in Barbenia swing open and let out the newly trained recruits. They are quickly shipped to where they are needed, most of them are beached on the northern coast of Lorlynia, to travel by foot to aid Thor Emblem in the defense of Idenynia.

As these groups head toward the besieged city, they notice strange holes and recent digs in numerous spots along the way. Also many small groups of orcs are encountered and defeated along the way. The orcs seem to be gathering the bones of large creatures, possibly dragons, for some unknown purpose. Other groups of creatures in the forest have noticed this as well, but can offer no answers.

A group of fresh recruits out of Barbenia trails a group of these orcs to a remote glen northwest of Idenynia. Investigating the recently opened tomb of a long dead hero, the heros discover a missing dragon throne made of bones after defeating a cadre of undead raised to protect this secret. The tomb's tapestries depict a human leading a small army aginst a mighty horde of evil and also apears to be dedicated to a follower of Brand. News of this is sent to Barbenia and also to Caedmon. Who is this human hero buried for so long unnoticed?

The rumors of magic and an almost done project continue to float around the kingdom and spread to other ports as well. With the snow finally melted, will summer bring a close to all the mystery?

The harsh winter breaks into a brilliant green spring, the melt and runoff from massive snowfalls lifting the banks of the rivers and Lake Valdorane. Fortunately, the great walls of Mittendienish cities are strong against more than orcs, and life goes on as usual, with soothsayers predicting a boon year for the harvest. However, in the East, the goblins once again begin to swarm across the Olderfen with renewed vigor, despite the many bounties that are collected.

The disruption in trade arising from the civil war in Ulruz, suplemented by continuing high losses among caravans and trading vessels causes more public discontent among the merchant classes of Paludosus and a number of merchant costers have begun publicly expanding the size of their guard forces, among the larger costers to a level that detractors state approach private armies.

The tensions in the Serevan plains continue to simmer just short of warfare, raids by hostile tribes have continued into the spring planting season and some of the friendly tribal villages have been seeking outside help in defending themselves, a number of adventuring and mercenary bands are known to have travelled to the Plains.

Although rumours continue to spread from the capital no definitive statement had been made about the marriage of the Prince of Princes but the most reliable gossip seems to indicate that Princess Chyassa veras Csamsides may very well be the bride in question. Whether the marriage between the crown and the influential Csamsides family is a matter of love or a political arrangement is a matter of much discussion.

In the northwest of the kingdon there have been many independent sightings during the last month of a trio of very large dragons flying at high altitude near the city of Kirazs. No stories have surfaces of any close sightings or losses to these dragons and the reason for their prescence is still unknown.

In the months following Gilgaram the 20th's assassination, Lord Sargen Nimbar, younger brother to Gilgaram, has ascended to the Throne of The Radiant Dawn. King Sargen has surrounded himself with a cadre of elite, and fanatically loyal troops, and has proceeded to send black-cloaked agents out into the night to eliminate his brother's assassins. The ruling elite of the military, nobles, priests, and wealthy merchant-princes have demanded that order be restored, and a civil war be avoided.

The assassins have coalesced from a series of political factions and strange religious cults, some of which are rumoured to worship demonic gods. King Sargen is not alone in his struggle, however. His beautiful wife and queen, Tyren Nimbar, is also a powerful wizard and a cunning and shrewd political figure. Tyren advises Sargen on a daily basis, assisting him in running a powerful kingdom.

Elite strike teams have fanned out, and hunted down many of the assassins and the conspirators who aided and supported them. Over 8,000 people have been arrested, and executed. The new regiment that has been established for Royal security are the Order of the Radiant Dawn, a new and powerful order of knights that serve the kingdom.

The kingdom is stabilized, and increasingly wealthy. Trade is going well. King Sargen has ordered new expeditions to be made in the north, east, and north east to establish new towns and fortresses. Fortified oasis are being established through several important desert trade routes.

To the west, adventurers and mercenaries are being recruited to scout out the mountainous regions for mining sites, as well as locations to build fortresses and trading towns.

In the capital of Hariappa, King Sargen has started development of a grand new temple, employing thousands of workers and craftsmen. King Sargen's wife, Tyren Nimbar, a beautiful woman and a powerful wizard, has sponsored the contstruction of a new Great Academy of Hariappa, to be a center of learning, featuring a vast library and supporting a staff of renowned scholars and wizards.

The Kingdom of Suryanasta seems to be entering a new phase of wealth, strength, and stability.

In east Falinus goblins begin to cross over from Mistwood in larger numbers. The call for help goes out from the clans.

North of the northern border, construction is continued on the border keeps with snow still on the ground. Two more years and they should be complete. After which large groups of orcs will have to defeat them before crossing into Thoradur, avoiding another Orc Horde like that of nine years earlier.

Strange reptillian ogrish creatures burrow into the city of Dilthandus. In six groups of three they burrow into the city and strike all at the same time. The strange event is investigated by the hill dwarves but its origin is unknown.

King Dulnor sends a message to Cryndon that if they wish to try and complete the tunnel, they may, but he can not offer any more troops to attack the cave giants in the south at this time. Yet Dulnor is pleased that Cryndon is showing a desire to use more than their merchant might.

With the aid of his Kinrisari allies, General Antonius sails at the head of a large Kinrisari fleet to Western Ulruz, where the XXV Legion, loyal to Antonius, is picked up. Along the way, many Ulruz naval elements join the growing flotilla, and many pirate ships are captured. The pirate ships, bribes and deceit are used to gain entrance to the heavily defended port in the Ulruz capitol, the ancient city of Doluhre. That night, the Legionaires and their Kinrisari allies come out of their hiding places unopposed, and storm the city, while the main flotilla of Kinrisari ships moves in once the port areas are secured.

Most of the defending Auxiliary troops, Garrison troops and the entire cadre at the Doluhre Academy of War immediately surrender to Antonius, then join forces with him. After a short battle, the XXV Legion of Antonius gains the upper hand over the XII Legion defending the Capitol. The Emperor immediately disowns his son, adopts Antonius as his heir apparent, and resumes official control of the south and west portions of the Empire. The Emperor is never seen without XXV Legion troops guarding him.

Throughout the rest of Spring, commanders of Legions far and wide swear loyalty to General Antonius personally, and preparations continue for the summer campaigning season. The Senate, meanwhile, is taken en mass into "protective custody", as are their immediate families. At least, the ones they can find are...

In the North and East, the Emperor's disowned son solidifies his control over the Legions and fortifiies key points and cities throughout. Oddly, Ulruz' neighbors in the South, Cryndon and Suryanasta, are quiet but the Centaurs of the plains north of Ulruz begin to raid the Berherinome Plains with increasing frequency and ferocity, forcing the Emperor's son to divert much-needed garrisons to defend against these.

A number of "rebel" Senators find refuge in the north of Ulruz, and form the Senate in Exile, which immediate votes to convict Antonius in absentia of treason. The declaration carries little weight.

Winter +63 A.K.

King Aidan finally succumbs to his ongoing illness. Price Dolan assumes the crown with help of his supporters.

King Dolan quells the grumbling of the out lying clans by introducing the council of nobles. The nobles now spend thier time arguing amongst themselves, instead of grumbling about the crown's actions.

A ship set sail for Lorlynia as the first snows fall, with news of the happenings.

The Emperor of Ceomyr orders every city-state on Thunder Island to send 1000 troops to Gwullyra. As the great army masses, the city begins to feel the strain of the overpopulation from Ren and the troops. Crime begins to spread, and hidden powers vie for control of the thieves guilds.

The Emperor's fleet sails towards Thunder Island, commanded by Duke Fythen, uncle to the Emperor. The ocean itself seems to be against the passage, and much of the fleet is decimated along the way.

Winter comes to Kinrisar. In reality it is better termed the "dry-season" rather than winter. Some semblance of order is finally restored to the court as Hadri completes his maneuvers to consolidate his hold upon the reins of power. Many people had underestimated this young man who was not well known in the court prior to his ascension to the throne. Those who erred too greatly decorated the many gibbets erected to deal with such traitors.

Calm is reestablished in Virokon with the exposure of a witch and the prevention of her opening a gate to the nether world. The band of heroes responsible for halting this vile plan are rewarded handsomely and given audience with the local Emir.

The College Arcane is in a state of turmoil. There is only a single Arch-Mage known publicly at this time, Azzar of the Flame. Three candidates for the title, and entry into the 9th circle of the College, are preparing for the Test. Rumors abound that Azzar will rig the Tests in some fashion to prevent any possible rivals to his control of the ultimate power the College has to offer. Azzar remains aloof and unreachable to most mortals.

Trade is promoted with the surrounding kingdoms escept for Hibrideas. Representatives are sent to Rhaavin, Paludosus, Ulruz and Suryanastra to consolidate contracts and trade agreements. Expeditions are sent to Ceomyr and Lorlynia as well. Control of the pirates to the east better achieved with many forays by the Kinrisar navy. Several ships earn prestigious honors for themselves with acts of bravery and heroism during this campaign.

The relative calm of the season is broken by the appearance of General Antonius from Ulruz. He describes the civil war that has erupted in his home land and seeks the assistance of the crown of Kinrisar to restore order to his homeland. His request falls upon sympathetic ears. It has been but a handful of seasons since Antonius and his Legion assited Kinrisar in its darkest hour since the Freedom Wars of the forefathers.

King Hadri meets briefly with his advisors and General Antonius before announcing the assembly of a great fleet and ground force to be transported to Ulruz. Kinrisar will repay its debt to their friends across the sea with interest. The forges and smithies are glowing and ringing with the sound of hammers upon steel this night, and for many to come.

A colder than normal winter and heavy snowfall helps the stale-mate to the north around Idenyia. Thor Emblem's troops manage to hold off the orc's advancement. The academy in Barbenia fills up with recruits eager to help drive the orcs out. Come spring, expect a strong push against the orcs of Narok.

The Prince and the Queen continue to worry about the lack of communication between Lorlynia and Caedmon. It's been months since the ship was sent to the Island Kingdom for word about Princess Telenessa, Prince Dolan and their children. Now the winter ice will have to thaw before more ships are sent to investigate.

Whispers of magic are heard from the normally quiet Elven mages' glades, hints of new magics, new magical skills and a project nearing completion are heard throughout the kingdom. Merchents spread the word to all kingdoms. Perhaps the elves are coming out of their reclusion.

A vicious blizzard sweeps out of nowhere, taking the northern half of the kingdom by surprise. The cities of Manzen and Tillich are snowed in for days, and even in the capital, people are forced to move unusually large drifts before opening their doors. Some claim to hear whispered voices in the winds, speaking in mysterious tongues, or shadowy shapes flying in the swirling snow, but none of the reports are confirmed.

In the south, a trading expedition is lost on the Ettledein River on the way to Allard's keep, and vanishes without a trace. No shipwreck is found.

Reports have surfaced that hostile barbarian tribes in the Serevan Plains (North of Paludosus) have increased their levels of raiding against the nominally friendly tribes with which trade links have been established.

A number of villages have been razed and 3 merchant caravans overrun with all their members killed. Calls have been made to expand the role of the kingsdoms armies to guard these caravans.

Discussions in the city council in the Halls of Searing Flame have given rise to accusations that certain Plaudosan merchants have been selling weapons to tribes that are hostile to the realm and have triggered the situation.

On a lighter note rumours have been ciurculating around the capitol that the Prince of Princes may be about to announce his marriage. The ruler, 94 next year but still hale and healthy, has not yet made any public statement on the matter.

For most, winter seems to come and go in Rhaavin, the paranoia of the previous season seems to fade away much to the relief of local authorities. However in towns and villages closer to the eastern side of the forest disapearances continue to occur, even Rhaavin's rangers seem to turn up missing. Now normally being a Rhaavinian Ranger has risk considering you become an automatic target for the Shadow Druids however bodies are normally found and while few can find any true connection between the missing persons some people in higher places are beginning to get suspicious.

During the winter an odd thing occurs, it snows in on one of the small islands off of Rhaavins southern coast, something never heard of in a land of relatively warm winters. The island has little of note, some fishing villages and a town or two plus a keep and a fleet of Pirate hunting ships.

other than these things the winter is rather normal.

It is a hard winter with a heavy snowfall in Thoradur. All above ground travel is shut down for most of the winter. Goblin activity in the east ceases.

Under the mountains the dwarves win several battles against the orcs in the north, retaking some of the small lost settlements.

In the great smith-halls several impressive magic weapons are forged. One in particular is meant for non-dwarf use...

The Western Army, until recently officially led by General Antonius, rises up and in a night of murder and chaos, slays all high-ranking bureaucrats in the western lands of Ulruz and moves to take key strategic points in the south and west. That very night, the Legion stationed in Doluhre take the Emperor into "protective custody".

In the East and in the northern planes, the bureaucrats and garrisons, with the Senate's approval, arrest the leaders of the Legions stationed there and promote those willing to swear loyalty to them into positions of leadership.

The country is effectively divided in half, with Doluhre and its legion being an unknown factor. Most believe the Senate was behind the Emperor's arrest, however, leaving the Western Army without this key trade and supply port.

Autumn, +63 A.K.
As the dinosaurs attacks continue to siege Ren, a mass emigration towards Gwullyra surges from the Ren. Nearly a thousand citizens flee the city, hoping to find protection a weeks march southeast. Of that thousand, only a few hundred make it to Gwullyra, carrying news of the besieged city and tales of the horrors encountered during the attempted escape.

Back on the Mainland, the Emperor sends envoys once again to Thoradur, bearing gifts and offering assistance, whether it be in the form of arms supply, labor, or soldiers. The envoys are instructed to take great care in making it seem like something the Empire needs more than the Dwarves, so as not to hurt their pride.

News of the plight of Ren finally reach the Emperor in late Autumn. He is heard to mutter "So, it has begun." and retires to his chambers for a week.

During the night, the King's ship drifts off course, and is attacked by ships bearing no flag. Some daring maneuvering by the captain saves the ship, and the life of the king.

The ships pilot is imprisoned, and it is discovered, before he is executed, that he was paid to let the ship drift off course. Although attempts against the king's life are far from uncommon, this even is disturbing, both in that it came so close to suceeding, but also, the ships course was secret, even to the pilot before he came on board. Someone close to the king must have leaked information.

The Kingdom slowly begins to return to what was once considered normal life following the defeat of the Yuan Ti armies. The navy returns to more mercantile endeavors. Defense against the pirates of the eatern isles beomces more coordinated, and thus more effective.

Travel in the mountains and the western lands remains dangerous due to roving bandits and remnants of the abominations forces.

There are troubles in the east. Rumors of a cursed family and the return of a witch circulate around Virokon. The lands governed by the hobgoblin commanders of Ulruz become quiet. No one leaves and few are accepted from outside. Little in the way of trade is taking place from these counties.

Led by Narok, Gagruk Bloodsplitter's oldest son, the orcs poor out of their fortified city and push towards Idenynia. The fighting is fierce, and the orcs burn a few outlying buildings before they are stopped. A human from Caedmon, Thor Emblem, leads a few hundred mercineries against the mighty horde. Superior tactics and leadership makes up for what they lack in numbers and they are able to push the army of orcs back and fight to a stand still 20 miles from Idenynia. Exhausted, they await reinforcements. Prince Telendor also sends a small ship to Caedmon to check on his sister and brother-in-law.

The Kaiser has come out of his seclusion and announced that there will be a grand national harvest celebration. The largest festival will be in Dumeldein, but most smaller towns will be having festivals of their own for those who do not wish to journey to the capital. In a controversial decision, he has also extended an invitation to the king of the Dwarves in Thoradur, an unexcpected step toward mending the once-strong trade ties between two great nations.

After a particularly bountiful harvest a national holiday is declared in Paludosus and Talina's shrines are well visited. Locally however rumours are circulating that there have been a unusual number of ships lost on the southern reaches of the Paludosus River although the governer of the region and the trading costers deny the rumours.

After boiling for 9 months, the troubles between the Legions and the bureaucrat son of the Emperor come to a head. General Antonius, having been recently assigned out of the Western Army for the Northern Army, is alleged to be a victim of assassination but credible sources say that he escaped, though none know where.

Summer +63 AK
Communications from the city of Ren continues to be under seige from dinosaurs... communication and trade is becoming impossible and the road to Ren has been declared hazardous by the Road Guard.

Construction on the Homeroad ceases. There is a discussion about how to proceed. It was eventually decided to turn the current end point into a fortified staging point. The priests at Hedlen begin searching for other ways to assist Thoradur.

Many skirmishes with pockets of Yuan-Ti continue along the south western border of Kinrisar with the Jarra jungle. King Hadri continues to consolidate his hold on the power structure of the major houses, but there remains an unspoken contingent who resist his edicts behind the scenes and the court is even more fractious and intrigue-filled than usual. Meanwhile, pirates of the eastern islands continue to harass shipping, and a minor house of Virokon is embroiled in scandal of an exiled member returning in league with demons.

The orcs contine to mass in the north, but the goblins to the south are strangely subdued. A large cult to Kithra is smashed by hardy adventurers in the Westwall Mountains after drow cultists over-run several small elven frontier villiages. The Queen and Prince Telendor worry at the lack of news from Caedmon. Has the kingdom finally risen up against the alliance between human and elf?

Much is quiet in the land, as the heads of goblins are slowly brought in, but little progress is made overall. Little has been heard from the Kaiser himself, and rumors fly about anything from a royal illness to fear of an assassination attempt.

The odd occurances of the previous year are pushed out of the minds of most of the citizens of Rhaavin from excitement over the upcomming elections of new council members. The people debate who in their communities seem fit to replace those council members that are departing. The normally festive nature of these events seem subdued, however. This is the largest election of council members since the council was first formed, and many feel something is amiss though what exactly cannot be said...

The goblin bands in the hill country of Falinus are largely caught and slaughtered. The name of Lord Kal, the Red Spear circulates throughout Falinus as the source of the trouble, yet nothing is known of the figure. Many hill dwarves head south into Mittendien to seek adventure on that country's eastern border where goblin troubles still exsist. Blue dragons that live in Lake Valdorane become active and destroy villages on the western shore. A group of mountain dwarf adventurers defeat one of the dragons, but the party loses most of its members to the beast.

The shakeup of both the civilian and military command structures has the nation's power centers in upheaval, and several minor goblin revolts occurred but were quashed by the local units. High-ranking officers and bureaucrats have been assassinated during the turmoil (even more than usual)

Spring +63 A.K.
The city of Ryn in NW corner or Ceomy on Thunder Island is seeing a relentless onslaught of Thunder Lizards. Its population is threatened by a new attack every week. Also, the Emperor has begun a journey across Eastern Ceomyr, visiting the cities there....

With the winter snows retreating back to the north, the orcs in Drukan Luk seem to be stirring, perhaps for another large assault on Edenall. The drow in the West Wall Mountains have been quiet all winter and the goblins to the south have been doing frequent raids across the River Silverwater. Prince Telendor starts fortifying the army of elves and humans to defend against the orcs to the north.

The Kaiser, in a controversial decision against the pushing of his advisors, has refused to go to the Elves or Dwarves for aid against encroaching Goblinoids. Instead, he has allocated funds for local barons to put bounties on goblin heads brought in. Reaction has been mixed; while the less threatened regions applaud the movement, the areas more directly affected are finding a woeful lack of adventurers willing to risk their lives.

Word has been sent from a cleric of Horun in Mittendien that the goblins that plauge their eastern border are coming for eastern Thoradur, the region of Falinus. The clans send out warbands to intercept the raiding goblins.

The Emperor's health returns, though it is widely debated how long that will last. He immediately tranfers all Legion commanding officers and their staff among different Legions, and likewise shuffles all heads of administrative bodies above the simple town level. This effectively breaks many power blocs up.

Autumn-Winter, +62 AK
Goblin bands have been moving into the east bank of the Oderfen River. Worried villages on Mittendien's side have asked for help and gotten little. Goblins are begining to cross in small numbers causing trouble. The greatest probelm is centered on the village of Tillich where a family of villagers was murdered. Local barons promise the Thanes more aid, but little has been seen.

After a rather peaceful year things begin to stir in Rhaavin. The largest election of new councilmembers is coming up soon, and the paranoid whisper that some have even been corrupted by Shadow Druids. Paranoid or not, during the winter odd things occur; reports of shadows in the woods moving stealthily, which most certainly are not elf or ranger, and an increasing number of people have gone missing without the slightest trace, never to be seen again.

A new form of Undead, the Sataguth, is sighted on the outskirts of towns and cities in the area, bringing with it a disease-plague that is slowly devestating the surrounding areas. It is spreading quickly and may move beyond Suryanasta soon. The Blue Flower "Dream Weaver" is found to be a cure, but it is pricey, and many ask whether this a new form of undead from the city of Suryanasta or if the Kamadeva Coalition is trying to find a new use for the flower.

In the city of Araul on the west coast, Garrison troops in and near the city (as well as many civic bodies) report that the major suppliers of goods they contract with are not delivering their promised goods. The nearby Legions, however, seemed unaffected. Many believe this is the leading edge of a growing storm of conflict between the son of the Emperor, who has no military experience, and high ranking officers in the Legions, and as the year wears on many of the smaller trading cartels stop making their usual shipments to the Legions stationed the west. The aging Emperor is rumored to be in declining health.

Post subject: Spring-Summer, +62 AK
The last of the pre-game events. These are listed in the PDF/guidebook. The next season, Autumn, 62 AK, is the first in which PCs will be active.

Therefore, Spring and Summer of 62AK are sort of a handing-off point, where we CMs finally get to let go of this project a little, and you, the DMs and players, get to pick it up and leave your mark.

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