To the Noble Born. (finished)


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Dang it, boards ate my post. I'll try again, but it's late, so forgive any incoherence.

I'd like to continue for another chapter, provided that everyone (except Jack of Tales/Cait, who seems to have already disappeared) else wants to.

If we do continue, does anyone have any pointers on how to not be bothered by the PBP pace? I suspected that it would bother me when I started, but my face to face game died so I had to look elsewhere for a D&D fix. I've enjoyed this game more than I expected (thanks, everyone!), but the pace does dampen my enthusiasm a bit. If I can somehow overlook the slow PBP pace then I'd enjoy the game more, which would be good.

(As an aside, it seems like most everyone is on a twice per week posting rate right now anyway, so I think that "officially" changing it wont make that much difference.)

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So... what's going on? There hasn't been an update on the game thread for 10 days! I've been holding back since Rayburn doesn't really have anything to add at the moment. Are we all waiting for each other to go first? Did the game suddenly die?


I might as well make it official - and close down the game.
I started running a tabletop game, after staying away from the table since June.
I only seem to have energy/focus for one game :(

So what do you think happened to the characters in the aftermath?
Count Hathwick would never have sentenced Mr Oakly to death, although a show of imprisoning him might have been made.

Assuming Southwick was inhabited by goblins led by a psion (blue) could you have taken it back?

anyone spot the Le Morton = salt reference?
any questions?


It was certainly a good game while it lasted; I'm glad to have been in it.

As for where Lily would go from here, I'm thinking she would leave the party soon after the return to Hathwick's Fortress. Bandit attacks, giant spiders, scheming nobles - yuk! It's all too much for the naive girl. Her adventuring days would be mostly over, but she might sneak back to Craig's caravan, in keeping with her nomadic lifestyle. <3


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Well, congratulations on finding a face to face game. I enjoyed this game, but I think it would have been awesome face to face. Thanks to all who made this fun!

I think Rayburn would have made himself disappear shortly after returning. He just lacks the focus/drive to face something combat-intensive like raiding a goblin-held keep. Oh, and getting shot with arrows hurts. Sticking around home would mean enduring more tests devised by the count, though, so that's not an option, either.

He'd most likely look for a big city, where he could put his skills to use to make his fortune.

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