TOKYO : OTHERSCAPE, playtest demo and presentation update


The update:
It's Friday and as promised, we have the playtest scenario BNZ4I-10 Cybershrine ready for you!

Grab it here: Tokyo:Otherscape Playtest - BNZAI-10 - Google Drive

The playtest focuses on the core moves and the unique possibilities of combining mythology with cyberspace in :Otherscape. More advanced rule systems like the Loadout theme and character growth are still in development.

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And check out Kevin's latest video, presenting the playtest:

The link to the kickstarter:

T:O uses City of Mist engine with some adjustments: equipment is spelled out, there are major changes to the concept of the mystery of the setting.

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There will be a live session near the end of the Kickstarter campaign:
Come hang out with the writing team! We'll be going live on our YouTube channel for the final hours of the campaign, starting at 8pm CET / 2pm EST / 11am PST on Thursday (tomorrow). Join us and meet the members of the writing team, see what they'r excited about in this project, ask them questions, and create some mythic-cyberpunk content together!



NOTE to self:
Between BLADERUNNER setting and TOKYO: OTHERSCAPE mechanics and investigation system, I need to put a hack to merge both. A bladerunner stalking sleeper concepts that escaped into the wild, a conspiracy to build a virtual paradise with leaders re-sleeving at will and the rest acting as cattle, a war of virtual immortals spanning dank abandoned tenements, stinky poor man's orbital settlements and sandy dumps of Mars, a diaspora of corporate clerks into a dark bottom of poisoned ocean in pursuit of spiritual renewal.

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