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Top Gun Theme + Macross

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That was actually a pretty decent AMV. And I'm a pretty harsh critic for them. To me, the most impressive part was that they managed to milk a 4 episode OVA into a 6 minute video without reverting to complete crap for the middle 2-3 minutes. Using the dialogue bits and cuts from the video game helped a lot.


Now I want to watch Macross. Thanks a lot.

For my animation class in college I took the opening sound bit from Welcome to the Jungle (the scream) and placed it with Wild Side. I had a steady simple drum beat as the charcters to my mini cartoon intruced including the storyline. Then-

The scream by Axel Rose where a jet would fly into NYC between buildings and the such, the hero parachutes out and lands on the rooftop with the "Chah" sound that Axel voiced. Then start Wildwild by Motlet Crue as the hero battled ninjas and warriors to rescue the hostage inside.

I got the first 14 1/2 seconds down when there was a new teacher assigned to the class during the summer and she erased all my stuff.

I was so bummed.....