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As DM's how are you planning on tracking Bloodied, marked etc.

I have a magnetic board I use for initiative and I am thinking of getting different color magnets to signify different things. I also thought of small red chips to put under the bases of bloodied miniatures on the board.

What are you doing?

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Bloodied I just look at current hit point and see if they are half or less of max hit points. That's pretty simple. Marked might get complex depending on how many PCs have that ability and how many enemies do.

I don't think it is too tough yet. Just something to get used to, it is a new game after all.


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For marking, I'm assigning each character who can mark a color, then placing a poker chip of matching color under the marked opponent. I like your idea of marking bloodied opponents - maybe I'll just save the red poker chips for bloodied and use the other colors for marking.

I'm also planning to mark continuing conditions/damage on the initiative chart - we use a dry erase one - to remind my players and myself that someone's on fire.


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We took an extra Axis & Allies game someone has sitting around, we use the red chips to represent bloodied for everyone. We then colored some of the white chips and gave one to each PC with marking and kept a few for me to use for the monsters who mark.


I bought the Descent and Doom boardgames from Fantasy Flight several years ago. As boardgames, they come with dozens of high quality markers representing different states within the game, most of which are highly transferable to both Star Wars and D&D. I plan on using both of those marker sets for Bloodied, Condition Tracks, Poison, Action/Force Points, etc.

EDIT: I guess that is more proof that 4E is more of a boardgame, with RPG elements, but it's really stealing the best parts of the boardgames and MMORGs.


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Traken said:
My current plan is to get a set of poker chips ($20 w/o a case) and paint them different colors as needed.
Check the size of those before you buy. Standard size for poker chips is a little over 1 inch, so they won't fit properly on a D&D grid. You can find smaller ones, but it takes some searching.

For Large creatures, these work well. There's quite a bit of room in the container for other stuff, like some Alea tools or a dice bag.


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I DM with a laptop, and I have several text files open at all times to keep track of various conditions. I have an initiative chart that shows what events need to transpire on each character's turns, I have a chart listing the statuses afflicting each character, I have a chart listing hit points, etc. When I DM, I like to have control over every piece of information happening in the game. I've also recently started drawing up maps of the action in excel spreadsheets, because our group has never been too fond of using minis.


I have located a manufacturer for chips. I can get them custom done and custom shaped. I am waiting to confirm how much they will be with the ability to use Dry Erase marker on them. I can also get them printed in different colors with different sayings on them.

If they are dry eraseable, I am going to get white chips that are 1", 2" and 3" to use for miniatures. This is a definite. I will resell these too.

I am looking at getting different colored discs with game use info printed on them. So as condition arise, I hand the chips out. I still don't know about this approach and whether it is worth investing in. Time will tell. As an alternative, I thought about making battle mats for each character for use with dry erase markers. Also make a bigger one for use by myself (this is kinda what we currently do, except we write current HP, conditions, etc. on a big dry erase mat on the table.)


Piratecat had a brilliant idea for "marking" - one of those value packs of sticky notes of different colors, and then cut 'em into strips. Stick the gummy end of a strip onto a marked critter, dispose when unneeded.

Alternately, color poke ships under the monsters, colored square cutouts, little colored twine loops (both of the latter are reusable), etc.


Little rubber bands could work too. Different colors, looped over a mini's arm or sword or something.

It would probably be too much work to have index cards in front of each player, with little chits on the card.

Speaking of poker chips.... You can use pennies, nickels and dimes too. They're not too big and not too hard to find.


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I've never had any trouble tracking the many, many track-able things over the years I've DMed, I don't see this as any different.

If things get out of hand, than I'll fudge it.

Ah, the allpowerful all power of the DM, How I love thee


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I bit the bullet and bought the Alea Tools. They just came in and look WONDERFUL. The magnets are a bit too powerful causing them to attract or repel if they get too close on the board, but they are awesome!


I use the initiative chart to note bloodied status / conditions / marks by using symbols, colors, or short words. Hasn't yet been cumbersome.

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