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Release Trade Empire-class Commercial Transport is now available!

The Trade Empire-class Commercial Transport is now available in PDF at DTRPG and the Independence Games webstore! Print version will follow soon.

DTRPG: Trade Empire-class Commercial Transport - Independence Games | Earth Sector | DriveThruRPG.com

IG Webstore: Trade Empire-class Commercial Transport

If you need it carried to another system, the Trade Empire is the ship to do it!

The Trade Empire-class Commercial Transport is a massive 4500 tonne superfreighter. This large vessel is capable of hauling 2670 tonnes of cargo through Earth Sector!

Designed to carry mass quantities of materials for the large corporations in Earth Sector, this superfreighter has been used by corporations to carry cargo, by navies as a replenishment ship, and is sometimes used to carry other starships. Armed with defensive weaponry, the ship can even hold off pirates when needed!

The Trade Empire-class features full deckplans by Michael Johnson alongside beautiful artwork by fan-favorite Ian Stead. The book contains everything you need to know about the Trade Empire-class as well as information on the British Interstellar Company, an Earth Sector transport company.

Load up your cargo! It's time to move!

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