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[Traveller/JBE] Kurland Cluster Worlds, of Danger and Opportunity



A Cluster of Danger and Opportunity
Born from the same nebula, these Imperial-ruled systems border Solomani space. Here, tensions between the Solomani Party and the Imperial government constantly threaten trouble. Caught between are the aliens and ordinary citizens just trying to make a better life for themselves. Travellers fly their missions amid these struggles, delivering cargo and helping people along the way.
Tell stories you never could before with the Solomani Worlds: Kurland Cluster. Inside this 22-page book for the Traveller Roleplaying Game, you will find:
  • 39 worlds and moons across 6 parsecs
  • More than 12 detailed planets, complete with plot hooks for your next adventure
  • 3 beautiful solar system maps
    Inspiring artwork to fuel your imagination
Take Your Game to New Worlds of Adventure.

Download Solomani Worlds: Kurland Cluster today exclusively at DriveThruRPG.

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