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Kickstarter Traveller Kickstarter - Deepnight Revelation Funded, Plus 3 Hardbacks!


The Deepnight Revelation Kickstarter project for Traveller has gotten off to a flying start - fully funded in 6 hours, and with three hardback expansions added to the box set, all at the basic pledge level.

You can dive into the action and see all the previews right here: Traveller RPG: The Deepnight Revelation Campaign Box Set

Deepnight Revelation is becoming the largest campaign ever produced for Traveller, an epic that sees the Travellers command an exploratory mission far from Charted Space. Their final goal will take them much, much further than any Traveller has gone before...

The Kickstarter is currently offering a large box set containing four books, giant poster map, and a card deck, and three full hardback books have already been unlocked as stretch goals - and we are quickly closing on a fourth hardback to be unlocked.

Author Martin Dougherty has produced a series of videos outlining his approach to this ground-breaking campaign, you can download the first book of the box set for free from the Kickstarter page, and we have already posted several updates previewing art and contents from the campaign.

Come swing by and see where the Deepnight Revelation is heading as it jumps into deep space...

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Which of the many Traveller edition(s) is this written for? I played classic Traveller back in the 80s and I'm thinking about starting up a hard-SF campaign next year with Mongoose Traveller high on the list for consideration. Seems like this campaign could be a good way to go.

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