(Traveller) The Rim Expeditions are here...


The latest sourcebook for Traveller has just arrived on PDF and Pre-Order, and will be of special interest to anyone who enjoys exploring deep space or learning about life in the Solomani Sphere. The Rim Expeditions have arrived in your campaign...

You can grab your own copy here: Rim Expeditions

Rim Expeditions Cover - Front.jpg

What lies beyond the Solomani Confederation?

Humans are great explorers, and the Solomani are the greatest of them all. Ever since the days of the Interstellar Wars the people of Terra have felt the call of the great Rimward Frontier, and they have answered. This outward urge has taken Solomani explorers right to the edge of the spiral arm… and beyond.

The Lubbock and Xuanzang Enclaves are little havens of civilisation out in the big black. Just keeping these forward exploration bases supported is adventure enough for many, but beyond them lies the unknown; the mysterious Rammak, the civilisation to reach and investigate the curious region known as the Spinner, and of course the long voyage out to Point Cetus – the most distant installation yet built by the Solomani people.

There are many challenges on the Rimward Frontier. Rival Aslan and Hiver exploration missions, strange alien species, and the mysterious Hordes advancing out of the Flous Nebula. The greatest danger may come from other humans, descended from Rule of Man and early Terran colony missions. Some are glad to greet their long-estranged kin; others are territorial and aggressive. Far from home, with no support likely for months or even years, the Travellers must face whatever comes their way. Who knows what wonders await just one jump plot away?

Includes a poster-sized map of the Kruse sector.

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