(Traveller) Whispers on the Abyss - on PDF & Pre-Order


The latest mini-campaign for Traveller is now out on PDF & pre-order - and Whispers on the Abyss looks like it will lead into something much greater for the Spinward Marches as powerful forces are on the move...

You can grab your own copy right now: https://www.mongoosepublishing.com/products/whispers-on-the-abyss

Whispers on the Abyss cover.jpg

A complete mini-campaign for Traveller, setting the stage for great events to come!

The Travellers are offered a lucrative contract to showcase a prototype starship to potential clients along the Spinward Main. Their route takes them around the periphery of the Abyss Rift, a region with a sinister reputation for starship disappearances and mysterious events.

They soon discover they are not the only players in the game. An Imperial megacorporation is pushing its own designs and playing hard for big contracts. As if competing with General Products was not enough, there is sabotage and revolt on the worlds of the Spinward Main. A simple promotional cruise becomes a fight for survival, and all the while there are whispers of something big happening on the fringes of the Abyss…

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