(Traveller) Write for the Journal of the Travellers' Aid Society


Fancy becoming a journalist for the Travellers' Aid Society?

We are currently looking for articles for a new wave of Journals of the Travellers' Aid Society, and we would like to give Travellers the chance to submit their own ideas!

In a nutshell, we are inviting you all to submit articles for publication in JTAS. Such articles can cover, well, pretty much anything related to the official Third Imperium universe. So , the following could all be possible:

  • New ships, weapons, equipment or vehicles
  • Background articles on worlds, military units, criminal organisations or companies
  • Short adventures or extended Patrons
  • Extended encounters, on planets or in space
  • Additions to existing campaigns or adventures, such as the Pirates of Drinax
  • Interesting NPCs or alien animals
  • New playable alien races for Travellers
  • Detailed locations, such as starports, prisons, or military installations
  • Historical information on empires and events of Charted Space

The only requirement is that such articles have a place in the official universe (which includes anywhere in Charted Space or beyond) and so are not 'pure rules' pieces. So, a new weapon or ammunition type (say) used by a specific mercenary company would work well, but a rules article detailing how to juggle three ships' cats in microgravity would not.

We encourage you to look at the existing JTAS books to get an idea of the kind of variety possible in such articles.

If you fancy taking a swing at this, please adhere to the following points - failure to do so may result in your article being discarded (sorry, but these are easy rules to follow!):

  • Articles must be submitted in .doc or .docx file formats.
  • Within the document, use as little formatting as possible - use headings, tables, bold and italics text... and pretty much nothing else. Make everything as clear as you can and do not try to make it 'pretty'. Both our editors and graphics people hate that :)
  • Use a 10 point font for body text (everything that is not a heading).
  • Start the document with the title of your article and, immediately below that, include your full name and email address. Then start the article.
  • If you are doing a new vehicle, ship, piece of equipment or weapon, please look at the tables we use for such things in our books, and try to copy their structure (columns and rows) and headings. So, for example, if you are doing a ship, Cargo should go at the bottom of that table and not before the Power Plant.
  • Most articles are likely to be around 1-2 pages in length in the document - longer articles such as adventures or location descriptions might go up to 7-8 pages in length. Please do not submit anything longer than 12 pages.

Articles selected for publication will earn the journalist (that is you!) full credit in the Journal it is printed in, a free copy of that Journal in both printed and PDF form, and recompense via PayPal (this will vary according to length of the article and the amount of editing required to bring it up to TAS specifications). We are unlikely to accept all submissions, but we will work with the journalist on articles that show promise but need work.

All submission should be sent to msprange@mongoosepublishing.com

Submissions will be accepted for an indefinite period, and we will give due warning on our forums when this submission window will be closed.

We look forward to seeing what you come up with!

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