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Troy, Michigan: Pathfinder 1E campaign with Numenera elements

Troy, Michigan - Pathfinder 1E

Looking for players for Forgotten Realms Numenera campaign starting soon.

System: Pathfinder 1st Edition and Monte Cook Games Numenera conversions

Setting: The Forgotten Realms in the Ninth Age

Number of Players: Looking to put together a group of 6 players/adventurers.

Player Experience Level: Players with Pathfinder 1E experience and players with a basic knowledge d20 RPGs.

Time and Location: Every other Saturday from 6-10 pm at my house. (Twice a month.)

Game Session 0 will be held at Guild of Blades in Madison Heights so that everyone is on neutral starting ground.

First Game Session: Saturday, February 25

What to Expect: It’s the Ninth Age of the Realms. It’s an age where fantasy and science coexist. It’s an age where magic meets numenera. Your characters have grown up in the small city of Enola in the southern kingdom of Seshar. And now fate has arrived at your city gates calling you and your friends to the life of adventurers.

Have you fought endless liches demons, devils, drow, giants, vampires and hordes of orcs. Are you looking for something new. Then this may be the campaign and adventures you are looking for, or didn’t even know you wanted to play.

There is no published adventure path. No political intrigue, No world ending threats. No high fantasy city setting,. No devilish or demonic shenanigans. No Dragonborn. No tieflings.

This is a series of published sword and sorcery adventures. This is personal and character focused. There are unusual races to play. There is mystery. There is magic. There is numenera. There is weirdness. There are improbable patrons. There are dungeons. There are dragons.

GM Style: Not a killer GM. Not looking to win against the players. I am the storyteller, guide and cheerleader of you and your new band of adventurers and their series of adventures. I'm looking to create memorable adventures.

Looking for players who function as a group in game and out game. Players who buff, back and cheer on their fellow players.

Not looking for players who are badass lone wolf dark anti-heroes John Wick, Dante, Batman, The Punisher, Deadpool, Drizzt Do'Urden, Vampire Hunter D, Wolverine types.

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