TRUE BLOOD/Fang 1--She's Not There/2011--BLOOD COUNT 4

Truth Seeker

She's Not There
Sookie distances herself from Bon Temps leaving Eric and Bill to try their charms on the human public. Sam bonds with other shifters, while Hoyt and Jessica argue about dinner. Lafayette is urged by Jesus to join a coven. Terry tries to dispel Arlene's distressing emotions about impending evil.

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First Post
I've been patient with the show up until now, but it's taking some weird turns and I'm becoming less interested.


First Post
There were parts that I thought worked well, and parts that I thought didn't. I was going to enumerate them all, but it all really boils down to the stuff that made sense and carried through from last season worked. The stuff that was completely out of nowhere and wacky didn't.

The two exceptions to the latter were:

1) Tara kicking ass (but nothing else), and
2) The orgy fake-out, which I was amused by.


I think having to come up with complete stories for the major characters in the series is wearing it down. The summary at the beginning seemed to go on forever. But some of the threads did seem promising.

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