[True/False] There is a point in every campaign when the PCs come to blows.

[True/False] There is a point in every campaign when the PCs come to blows.

  • True.

    Votes: 64 22.5%
  • False.

    Votes: 220 77.5%

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Strong and harsh disagreement between characters has happened in several of my games (both as a player and as a GM). However, it's been really a long time since I've seen this result in conflict (even if of the non-lethal variety).

Back when I was in high school, in a game that I was running, I had two characters that hated each other and had their own war dogs fight each other. Unfortunately, that conflict spilled somewhat outside of the game boundaries.
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I think it to be true, as agendas will sometimes conflict. If the party is always going around just agreeing with each other, then there seems to be something wrong with them.

There has to be something they will fight over be it polictical, religious, or some other thing that will cause a party to develop some kind of tighter bond through resolving the conflict.

Like your bard story, it created a better game because of player stories became intertwined.

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This hardly ever happens in my groups and hasn't happened at all in years. Disagreements and arguements maybe but coming to blows? Not even close.

Actually I remember running Paranoia for my main group once and about halfway through no one had even died once. The PCs were helping each other achieve the mission goals and worked together to hide their mutant powers and secret societies from the Computer and NPCs. Apparently they missed the point of Paranoia entirely and became a team. Who knew?

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I voted no because while it can and does happen, it does not always happen.

I can only thing of three PC on PC fights in the games I've been in over the years. One was in a cyberpunk (genre, not system) game where my mercenary and another player's bodyguard got into a (quite potentially lethal, considering their unarmed skills and augmentations) brawl. This was do to differing personalities of the characters. Essentially the bodyguard was cynical, paranoid, aging, came from nothing, and was slowing down and starting to miss steps. My character was young, reasonably successful, had a relatively normal upbringing, and was idealistic. It was basically a challenge over who the alpha was.

The other two were in an oWoD game. One was a fight between my Akashic and a Thrashing Dragon who was strung out on gold chi, and the other(s) don't really count since they were jiyu kumite (free sparring) between my character and his student. Both were quite potentially lethal, the former much more so then the later.

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