Truly, Madly, Deeply Module 01


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The purpose of this module is to introduce a new player, or players, and a Dungeon Master (DM), to the fight mechanics included in the D&D 5E Player’s Handbook (PHB). If you have played through Module 0, some of the background information will be duplicated and can be skipped over. If you skipped Module 0, you will be able to jump into this module with no problems.

It is assumed that your party consists of four level one characters of a good alignment, and that their character sheets are (mostly) completed. You can adjust the difficulty of the encounters described below to account for more or less characters.

Please note that the intent of this module is not to explain all of the fighting rules found in the Player's Handbook. That information is already covered in the PHB, and you should have read it prior to starting Module 1. Instead, this module will set up some fun scenarios and encounters for young/new players to learn more about their characters, how to role-play, and practice their fighting skills in a training environment. Subsequent modules will consist of encounters that build upon this module and take the characters into non-training encounters.


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